This transition has been amazing. I’ve been in Columbus now for almost three months. The people have been really receptive and welcoming. My co-workers/roommates have really helpful. And I’ve found a church that reminds me so much of my home church, World Outreach & Bible Training Center, in Milwaukee.

God has really been dealing with me on a lot things. One being blogging. You know before the web is was called journaling or girl would write in their diaries. I often have some many thoughts that go through my head and this is one way for me to make sense of them all because sometimes just seeing things in parent gives you that “ah ha” that you’re looking for.

The poetry scene is amazing here. So multicultural! So warm and welcoming! Even with all the different competition/slams going on, you don’t feel the tension in the air that you do other places. Whats really awesome is how likely people are to appraoch you about your work. I don’t know if in the past people felt that it wasn’t important for a poet/spoken word artist to know how they’re work affected them, but in Milwaukee I would have to seek out the feed back unless it was from a friend. Anyway, I love this crowd. I’m already trying to work it out so that I can go every week if possible. That’s just how much I’m digging this.

The new year is right around the corner. My desire is to step on as many stages as possible in Columbus and around the country as often as possible. As I make moves, I plan to keep you updated through my appearence page. Stay tuned!

Much Love,

LaFreddie B.


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