Email to the publisher!

Dear Author Service Representative,

I am so disgusted with you company right now that I am ready to pull all of my business and publish with a different company altogether. It’s hard enough to get anything done as a new author that I do not need your company making more mistakes.

On, March 5th I order 25 copies of my book and received 25 copies of someone else’s book today! I called your customer service department right away and got nothing but the run around on every question that I asked. All I want to know is where is my book and how long before I can get it? I have reviewers expecting to receive a copy of my book by the end of the week. I have readers that are waiting for books that they’ve paid for. I haven’t been published for a year yet and your company is destroying my creditability with people (readers and reviewers) that I have to count on to make in this industry.

I have never given you guys any trouble to deserve this kind of treatment. And to make matters worse, when the representative couldn’t give me answers and appeared to only want to dance around my questions I ask for supervisor and was told that because it was after hours there were no supervisors available and I would have to wait for morning. When I advised her that I was aware of how call centers are run she but me on hold and asked one of her coworkers to step in. That young lady then wanted to stand in the background and give the first girl all the answers however she couldn’t communicate them clearly so I asked for the second girl to get on the phone. Once she got on she wanted to clam up and jump on the other girls band wagon and play dump so I acted for a supervisor again. She proceeded to give me the same canned statement that no supervisors were available. So, I informed her also that I have worked in call centers before and know that leadership is always present. It wasn’t until I threatened to begin to use some more colorful language that I was transferred to a supervisor.  It wasn’t until that someone in the company took ownership of a mistake that someone in your company made. But I was still forced to end the call without any knowledge of where my book is currently or when I would receive my book.

This is a mistake that you guys made and I should not be forced to wait until you guys can figure out what happened before the problem is fixed. I leave Columbus on April 8 for an event in New York. Like I told the supervisor that took the call, if I have to go on my trip without my books, it will be a very ugly site for Xlibris! I have had 25 people or more in the last 6 months  ask for recommendations for your company. After this experience I cannot in good faith give these people what they want.

As my Author Service Representative, I need answers and I don’t expect this week to end before I get them! And no, I don’t want to wait until you find my books before I get them. I shouldn’t have too. I did what I was suppose to to ensure that I would have my books in time for my trip.


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