Off to New York

If you’ve been keeping up with my itinerary, you know that my calendar has been filling up for the rest of the year. Outside of events that I’ve planned for myself, I have few events coming up that I’m really excited about. The first of which is in Albany, NY later this week. I cannot tell you how excited I am about this trip.

I don’t know what to expect because I’ve never been to a book festival nor have I been to New York before. The organizers of the event also invited me to participate in my first poetry slam. If you’ve ever been to a slam event you know the excitement that they bring.  Back in Milwaukee, slams drew the biggest crowds. In Columbus, slams are like heavy weight fights. New York being a big poetry competition state, I know the fight is gonna be on. I’m bringing my A-game. I’ve picked out my best fight pieces and I’m ready to show the New York poetry scene that this slam rookie is not going down without a fight.

My only problem is that the rules were suppose to be sent to me before hand and they never came. I’m hoping that I don’t get out there and they throw me a curve ball. Milwaukee and Columbus run their slams different. Milwaukee want you to go off of memory which is not an easy thing to do (specially if you like to partake of spirits). But Columbus lets you go off paper which can take away from your performance. So I don’t know which way to go. I don’t know how many rounds we’re going or how many of us are in this lyrical bout.

Anyway, I’m going in with a winners mentality. I plan to take it all. However, I’ll be satisfied if I just place. But this is going to be a great trip. My sister is meeting up with me in Cleveland and we’re flying out together. She don’t travel much so I’m excited that she gets to experience this with me. My Poetry Girls out of Milwaukee have been texting and calling me wishing me well. My church family in both Milwaukee and Columbus got me in their prayers I know. My mother and grandmother couldn’t be happier.

In addition going out their for my poetry, Long Distance Relations will be featured in the bookstore and I have meet & greet right after the slam. It started out being a lot of fun pulling everything for this part of the trip together. Then it all became a nightmare with the pod company. My family and friends will tell you that after working 15 years in the customer service industry, the number one way for you to loose me as a customer/client is piss poor customer service. I’ll still pray that God keeps his hand on you and yours, but I can’t in good faith keep giving you my money if you don’t value me as one who pays your salary. I won’t get into the boring details of what happened. However, if you’ve heard this story, I’m sure you would understand my frustration and why I’m making my next move. (You’ll hear about that later.)

Alright people! I have two more days of work this week. So, I will update you later on the results of the slam and how my trip went.

It’s been fun!

Good Night.


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