Empire State of Mind

This weekend in Albany, NY has been a great experience. My sister and I came into this thing with a really open mind. From spilling my tea all over the place as we board the jet in Columbus to the cab driver stopping to pick up a hooker last night to going into this culturally biased book festival, this has been a roller coaster ride.

The old me showed up and was quickly sent packing. The new me walked into that event today with books and promotional material in hand not sure of how things would turn out but taking everything in great strides. Made a few connections at the morning workshop that will surly help advance my career. Stepped out to see the sights around “The Egg” before going back into the festival to wow a mixed crowd of poetry fans and begin home the one thing that any performance poet can appreciate, the title of Slam Champ!

All the cards were stacked against me. This was a New York crowd coming to hear New York poets. There were three women and I was the only man and the only person of African American descent. And my sister and I were only two African Americans in the room. So by “society” standards, there is absolutely no reason that I should have won. But God!

“What, then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31, NIV) The odds may have been stacked against me. But its always when your back is against the wall that God shows up and show out in ways that we don’t think it possible. Of course the flesh wants to act up right before the cards fall. My sister gave me a crazy look today as we waited for the room to clear out for the slam after a made a comment about being nervous.  But its not about who I was going up against but having confidence within myself and my work. So, I smacked myself around a bit and remembered that I’m a faith man. I walk by faith and not by sight! I take faith as a mustard seed and move mountains out of my way! I take the substance of my faith and go after the evidence of the thing that I’m believing for!

In my last post, I claimed the title as mines. And today, I stand proud to take it back to Columbus,OH with me!


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