A change has got to come!

Where are you at in your life? Have you reached that point where you feel like you’ve reach that preverbal glass ceiling in your career? This is the conversation that one of my best friends and I had last week when I went back to Milwaukee for vacation.

I discovered back in elementary school that I am a people person. I may be quiet in nature or appear to be stand offish (stuck up as some have said…lol) but I’m really sitting back and observing all that’s going on. But the minute I see a need in persons life I spring into action. I guess that’s why I’ve always worked in the customer service industry. From door to door sales and fast food to cellular communication and banking. But you only can go so far in and industry before you eventually have to make moves to better yourself and secure your future.

Recently, I found out my decision to relocation at the end of last year was probably the best move I’ve made in about the last five years. With position eliminations and some people being let go’ had I not moved I could’ve found my self without a job. But just barely escaping the axe don’t make things okay – at least not for me.

I love what I do. I don’t agree with the demands that my employer puts on my but I don’t commplain because with the current state of the economy many of us are luck to still have a job. My problem more with the career progreesion where I’m at. And many people will agree that we’ve come to a time where having a high school diploma and some college experience is no longer good enough. The running joke in my family is that the bachelor’s degree is the new GED. But its almost not too far from the truth.

How many times do you go to apply for a new job posting (either with your current company or somewhere else) and under qualification it reads “BS or BA preferred, some college required or equivalent work experience”? You thinking, “oh, I got this!” The job description is right up your ally and your resume speaks for itself. You apply with confidence that you will at least get an interview only to never hearing anything or to receive a post card stating that “they decidied to go with a more qualified candidate.” How much more qualified can you get then a resume that employers have stated should be bronzed because its so perfect from its look to the experience and the professionalism to it even being on the correct paper?

A change has got to come people! We have got to position ourselves to show the world that we are better then they think we are. People thought for years that I was just some scrub who would never amount to nothing, i’d be in and out of jail just like my father. That is until it was made known that I was writing my first book. Then people who I know never meant me any good came out the wood work.

A minister friend of mines said it best. We need to die empty. You would believe how many books I have ideas sketched outed. You’d be surprised to see how many millionaires left this earth without going after their dreams. We all have business, organizations, projects, and so many other things trapped inside of us. We need to “write the vision and make it plain”. Get that stuff out of you. If I can get this books to mass market, and one of them become a bestseller, qualifing for a different position in someone else’s company would be the least of my worries. And it should be the same for you to. Figure out your where your passions lye and make that change happens in your life.


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