Music Review: Usher “Raymond vs Raymond”

I know this is a late review, but I’ve been listening to it album so much in the car lately that I felt I had to write something on it.

This album caught the attention of fans with the release of Papers last year. Anybody that has been through a divorce – or even a bad break up – can relate to this track. Even though this single was released almost a year after I found myself sitting across the aisle from the woman I pledged to love for life, I still found it to be relevant. So, my sister (who also found herself in the Raymond’s shoes) and I coin this as our theme song for 2010.

Usher caught a lot of flack for Daddy’s Home simple because of the title. But I don’t know a urban couple out there that doesn’t refer to each out as Momma and Daddy. Most of them keep those and many other pet names in the bedroom but we say it all the time. But that’s an argument that I don’t care to entertain at this time.

This album brought back memories of the days that 8701 & Confessions was on continuous repeat. With his chart topper, There goes My Baby Usher showed the fellas how to really appreciate the ladies while also giving the ladies a few of our little secrets. Fellas, how many times have you been caught checking your woman out while she getting dress, doing her hair, or cooking dinner? Nothing is sexier then a woman working a nice pair of stilettos. Usher said, “Bet you ain’t know that I be checking you out when you be putting your heels on. I swear your body’s so perfect baby…” Enough said.

Usher had some head bangers on the album with Lil Freak, Monstar, and She Don’t Know. Guilty tells the story of every good man put on trial because of the things that women have gone through with their ex’s. Baby, I ain’t him! Please don’t charge me with his crimes. But I am guilty of loving you, that’s a sentence I’ll serve for life.

All and all, I believe this to be a great album. I’ve been a Usher fan since Call Me A Mack back in like 1992. I’m convinced that there are great things to come from this musical genius.


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