Awesome God (Repost)

Original post 12/29/09

I don’t know about you, but I serve an awesome God!

Since the release of Long Distance Relations, God has been dealing with me what I’m to do with my future and how to go about accomplishing each component. It’s been scary at times but I’ve been taking the steps that he has order to do so. I’ve been unsure at time and at others I’ve been over joyed. My friends and family have been very supportive. And of course, I’ve encountered some haters along the way. But those that know me know that other people’s doubt is the fuel that gets me to my next goal.

Pastors Skip & Melva Henderson of World Outreach & Bible Training Center in Milwaukee were my pastors and teachers for the last seven years. In fact, I’ve been ordained as their Spiritual Son. Before I left Milwaukee, like any pastor who cares about his/her flock, they prayed the blessing of God be upon my life. But the also spoke into my life concerning my future. Pastor Melva specifically told me to follow God in the direction that he was leading me. That word was confirmed today while I was playing around on Twitter.

I follow a few comedians, actors, actress, pastors, and friends from home. Deitrick Haddon (if you didn’t know, he’s a pastor also) is one of the people that I follow and today, he spoke a word to his congregations/followers:

“Excited about the future! The word as we move in to the new years is KINGDOM BUSINESS!! The business anointing is being released upon you!! God is going to give you the opportunity to be financially independent through your own business!! This is the will of God for his people!! The closer you get to the Creator the more creative you will become! You are going to invent/create something that will make you wealthy!! You must be about your Father’s business! The way you do business will determine your increase! Do business the Father’s way! With integrity

“God showed me unexpected millionaires in the kingdom in 2010. People that were never likely to have that kind of money will have it next year. This is what I spoke over my church and this is what i speak in your hearts b4 the New Year kicks in. God is giving u another opportunity!! HE’s going to give you another opportunity in 2010. Consult God about your business decision this year and watch this word come to pass! Ok that’s it!! That’s the word.. Take and believe it…It shall come to pass!! Aight Pastor D Haddy is out! Love ya…!!”

Deitrick Haddon

God gave me this same word about four months ago when he told me to go forward with my business. This word along with the word of my pastors confirmed for me that I am on the right path. I’ve never doubted any Word of God that has been spoken over my life. However, if there has ever been a word that I could see more vividly then it is this one.

Be on the look out for me in 2010!


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