Movie Review: Just Wright

I wasn’t sure what to expect when Just Wright hit theaters. I knew that it was gonna be good given that it was starring Queen Latifah, and Common.

I think I gravitated towards this movie because Queen’s character, Leslie Wright. Everybody think that you’re a great catch just not great enough for them to keep. We see all to often guys or girls going after the fly chick or the pretty boy thinking that’s the one for them. Then we see what happens when they find out that the person they should’ve been with was right there in front of them all along. This movie gives us an everyday story from a star’s prospective. A lot of people think that because athletes and entertainers have all the money and guys or girls throwing themselves at their feet, that their love life is the best there is. But that’s not the case. People come in all the time to exploit them for what they are worth more then to love them. Some times they are so caught up in trying to avoid gold digger situations that they end up with a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Scott McKnight defiantly find that to be true for himself when Morgan pulled a “Dear John” on him.

This movie drives home the point that the grass is not always greener on the other side. It also tells us not to get so caught up in the looks and money that we end up selling ourselves short for something that’s temporary.

Just Wright wasn’t an up tempo movie like I thought it would be. However, it wasn’t one of those movies that you need motivation not to walk out on. I feel like it was a movie that even when it was slow, I wanted to stay seated just to see what was going to happen next. I give Just Wright five stars.


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