Movie Review: Karate Kid

A lot of Mr. Miyage fans headed out to the theaters last week just to see if Jakie Chan did Pat Morita’s character any justice. I think that were pleasantly surprised to see that the concept remain the same but the characters names changed. Now I don’t remember seeing the original Karate Kid series. However, after watching the previews for the remake, I knew I couldn’t miss it.

I was amazed right away to see how Jaden’s acting ability has developed in just the short time that he has been in the industry. I’ve seen the majority of his father’s work and I believe all of his mother’s. And between Will and Jada, I believe that Jaden is turning out to be a pint size version of his father while developing his own legacy.

I had a problem with the Chinese kids that right away began to pick on Dre, Jaden’s character. But it showed exactly what most groups do, single out the one person that is either new or not like the rest. In the end, Dre – with the help of Mr. Han – earned the respect of his opponents. Not a lot of people can say that.

This movie was also full of surprises. From the education that Dre received from Mr. Han to crowds reaction at the competition. For me a major surprise came when the movie goers applauded at certain parts of the movie. I’m a hermit, I know. This is another movie I ended up going to the theater twice to see. The first time was by myself. Then when I went home to visit my family, my niece and nephew wanted to see it as well. And yes, I’ll be adding this one to the collection as well. So, I give Karate Kid five stars.


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