Movie Review: Why Did I Get Married Too?

We’re all know that Tyler Perry is all about producing quality entertainment with phenomenal actors. From the moment I heard that Perry was working on this movie, I had great expectations. When the previews aired, my expectations was raised that much higher. And I must admit, Tyler Perry, Jill Scott, Malik Yoba, Tasha Smith, Janet Jackson and the rest of the cast did not fail me.

With Mike leaving Shelia for her best friend Trina in the Why Did I Get Married and Shelia and Troy ending up married after she stayed in Colorado, I really wasn’t sure how things would work out between them. However, Perry continue to give us surprise after surprise around every corner. I believe the biggest surprise came with all that happened between Patricia and Gavin. As bad as I want to give the details, I’ll spear you for those that have yet to see the movie.

Perry taught us a lot about the other characters as well. Marcus and Angela is still going at it even after the promises they made in the last movie. Dianne may have given Terry is son but she is still holding on to her own secrets. Troy made some sacrifices for Shelia but Shelia and Mike still have some unfinished business. But the best surprise comes at the end with a cameo appearance by Dwayne Johnson.

I give this movie five stars. This movie was so good in my opinion, not only did I go see in Columbus. But while traveling with my sister a week later, I let her convince me to go see with her in Albany, NY. This movie will defiantly be added to the DVD collection.


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