Music Review: Kim Joyce

If you’re from Detroit or Ohio you’re familiar with the name Kim Joyce. This music soul rockstar released her third studio album, Eleven, in March 2010. Prior to meeting her publicist upon my arrival to Columbus, I’d never heard of her or her music. However, I’ve always been a major supporter of local talent and industry underdogs. Joyce is a neo-soul artist that’s not afraid to give it to her audience like it is. The groove is real and the melody is catchy. Some of the language is defiantly not suitable for minors.

Joyce is not afraid to admit that her suitor got her “under a spell” with his Head Games. My mind went totally to the left when I saw the title Stripper Pole featuring Shawanna. They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but this track was one point with the intimate moments that Joyce wanted to share with her man. But she slowed things down a bit with Overrated. Speaking from her heart about those that think that love is overrated, Joyce explains how to enjoy love for what it is and not just the emotional part but those that is trying to love you. I’ve always said exactly what Joyce says, “love is what you make.”

Chucks To My Fitted reminds me too much of tracks we hear on the radio everyday. I’ve had it up to my neck with artist writing songs about the industry talking about their celebrity. Okay we get it! If you done anything to get the spot light for the moment, they are gonna talk about you weather good or bad.

Overall, for neo-soul not being an genre that I care that much for. I think this was a pretty good album. I think with a few more listens of the CD, I can see myself at her concerts. Personal, I prefer the clean version over the profanity. However, I’ll Kim Joyce four mics.


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