Music Review: Transformation by James Fortune & Fiya

The blessing and curse of having a late 1990’s model car is that it has a six disc disc changer and not an auxiliary port for my ipod. So, honestly, for about the last month James Fortune & Fiya and a few other disc have served as my musical escort to every destination.

For about the last year or so, I’ve heard the name James Fortune, I’ve seen his cds grace the stands of almost every Wal-Mart or Target – at least in the hood that is – that I’ve visited. I was never brave enough to purchase the disc because I hate to purchase an album for an artist that I’m not familiar with and it be a bust. I have a habit of watching television when I should be getting dressed for church on Sunday Mornings. Although I miss the days of Lift Every Voice when it was hosted by Gerard Henry, Cory “Coco Brother” Condrey is doing a great job since taking over. On a recent episode – meaning within the last three months – James Fortune was a featured guest. After hearing his testimony and discovering that a song that I’d falling in love with was done by him and Fiya, I couldn’t hold out any longer on purchasing his cd. It just so happens that Target only had his 2008 release, Transformation.

The entire cd has become sort of an anthem for me. I find myself wrapping my personal life around each track. Being a singer, I find myself really working those songs and using the vocal techniques I’ve learned as if I’m an actual member of the tenor section. I can’t say that about a lot of artist.

It was truly amazing to hear Zacardi Cortez work The Blood, a classic alter call or worship song the way he did. To hear a young man under thirty work that song as if he was that wrote it all those years ago…I’m lost for words on that one. Anaysha Figueroa has been better then a fresh cup of coffee on I Owe All (click here to read more about my thoughts on that track). If You Want makes me just want to just pull my car over and dance in the middle of the street ministering to the people as they pass by. And I can’t say enough about F.I.Y.A.! If you’re not free before you listen to that song, you will be before the next track.

I highly recommend this album! If you don’t have is already in your rotation, trust me, it is worth the investment. I can’t wait to check out the rest of James Fortune & Fiya’s collection. I would also love to see some independant projects from Anaysha & Zacardi.


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