Poet To Be Heard by LaFreddie B

Going over my poetry notebook, I was reading this piece that I wrote about two months ago. I actually performed this piece at the Empire State Book Festival poetry slam in April and won the title. This piece means a lot to me because it speaks to the heart of every poet or writer that has ever performed at open mic (especially in front of a disrespectful crowd). It also shows the nervousness of a new poet. I hope you like it! Feedback needed! (P.S. this forum will not allow the line breaks in the original piece)

Poet to be Heard

The 7am alarm just went off.
You can’t get out the bed fast enough
Cause you antsy to start your day and get it over with
Today is not just any day.
It’s not Music Monday, Wild Out Wednesday,
Taco Thursday or Follow Friday
It’s only Tuesday
Also known as Touch Me Tuesday, Therapy Tuesday
Or to some just simple Poetry Night
When 7pm rolls around your anticipations are running high
As you arrive early to your venue to claim your favorite spot
Grab a drink, a spot of tea or a maybe a simple bottle water
You won’t be able to sit through the wait for the open mic list to list to come
Cause you got something to say
You ain’t deep like Russell Simmon’s Def Poetry Jam Alums Shihan, Black Ice, Danny Vaughn and Dasha Kelly
You ain’t no local poetry legend like Will Evans, Autumn Blaze, Logic, or Barbara Fant
But you got something to say
You don’t know if the crowd will receive you, boo you,
or simple express their total disrespect by talking while you on the mic.
The crowd may be as thick as thieves or thin as ice
But tonight none of that matters because you are long overdue
For the experience we call poetry
Poetic expressions of similes and metaphors, rhyme and rhythm
With a rhythmic tone playing deep in your cerebral cortex
A beat that you and you only can hear
Although the host asked that the disrespect be left in the parking lot
You know there is always that one person who think
They are exempt from the rules because they are old school
You already know that at least one brave soul will come before you with
The opening statement: You may not respect the mic, but damn it
You will respect the poet
But that’s cool too cause this is poetry night
The one night out of the week that you can enter a room full of strangers
Pour your heart out and not feel as if they are judging you
They may not applauded your efforts or understand your methodology
But this therapeutic release will feel better than any $500 session
With one person that holds a bunch of degrees but still can’t provide you with answers.
This is one night that you can let go of childhood issues and lifelong pains
This may not be the church but this mic is your personal alter
And when you open up and talking about how your daddy left you made you feel
Or how your fear of commitment stems from mental abuse your ex-wife imposed
You know that in the morning you will truly be alright
Because that burden is no longer on your shoulders to bare nor a problem for you to hustler
As you push the issues of your audience aside while you talk to your personal God
It’s poetry night at your favorite coffee shop or local bar
Somebody ain’t gone have gas in their car tomorrow
But they go the five dollars to get through the door tonight
Because after last Touch me Tuesday their soul is longing for someone like you
To touch them with your poisonous use of adjectives, nouns, and verbs
Giving them a high that’s stronger than any natural herb
You got something to say to night
And by all means, your voice will be heard
© 2010 LaFreddie B


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