LaFreddie B Live

Coming up on my one year anniversary and to celebrate the launch of my own publishing imprint, I’m re-formatting my Blog Talk Radio show and starting with a new series.

First off, Write Your Hearts Out will no longer be the name of the show. However, you have not seen the end of Write Your Hearts Out. It will stick around as an informational series to aid those that are looking to get into publishing and give them tips on where they need to begin and where they need to focus their attention.

Second, the new title of the show will be LaFreddie B Live. I chose this title because each show is an experience with me. You really get to see the different sides of my as a person, a poet, a writer (for the show and other things), a minister, singer, and so many other areas.

Third, I’ve had my page on Ustream for a while now but have yet to do a show. The name of the page is the same, LaFreddie B Live. My goal for this avenue it to give you some footage of me out in the field whether at an open mic or an event.

People it is really about to get hot and heavy up in here. Going into my second year, I am pulling out all stops to get my name out there and not let my image and books collect dust. At the same time, I working on pulling together the sequel to Long Distance Relations, Recovering From A Broken Heart which will be followed by Dreams Do Come True (working title). I’m also working on writing my first Stage Play, title yet to be disclosed. And remember, your boy is still holding down a full time job and doing all of this when I don’t have to punch the clock.

Stay tuned and stick with me! The first series is going to feature myself reading each chapter of Long Distance Relations. Each week we’re reading two chapters. Somewhere in between, we’ll be having some real conversations. My twitter time line be popping with some random off the wall type stuff. We are going to spend some time digging into some of the topics. Email me at to be booking on the show.


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