Interview w/ @ForeverDallas on Blog Talk Radio

LaFreddie B featured on The Love King with Forever Dallas on Thursday, July 28, 2010.

Forever Dallas: Alright you guys we’re going to check with an author. He wrote the book Long Distance Relations. Are you there sir? Welcome to the show!

LaFreddie B: Yes sir! I’m here!

FD: How you doing, sir?

LB: I’m doing good. How about yourself?

FD: I’m doing alright. I really appreciate you calling in being that the topic is about relationships and people being shallow. You wrote a whole book on. So, you should know a lot about this. First off, introduce yourself and tell everybody about your book.

LB: Okay, my name is LaFreddie B. I’m the author of Long Distance Relations as Dallas has said. The book is loosely based on my life. Shortly after high school I was in a long distance relationship for two years with a woman I thought I was going to marry.  Things didn’t turn out the way that I dreamed they would. So, the book kind of gives my prospective things. Ole girl that I was in the relationship with actually read the book. She kind of felt like things were one sided but she couldn’t do anything about it because it is a fictional book and she had to remember that it is loosely based on our relationship together. As far as the topic goes tonight, “Are people shallow?” Is that the question?

FD: Well that’s one of the questions. Why are so many people so shallow? Do you think its about astrology? Do you know anything about that? Do you think it has anything to do with astrology? You know, like, certain people have different characteristics. Like, I’m a Virgo and think I’m attracted to like Capricorns.  You know just certain type of signs, Sagittarius. I like certain girls that are not too mean. And I don’t like ‘em to be to nice. Like, I don’t wanna get my way all the time. You know what I mean? I want you to put me in check a little bit and I put you check. I like that back and forth. It just needs to be this balance. And it just seems that just a little bit to hard to find.

LB: Well, I don’t think that everybody is shallow. There are a lot of shallow people out there. They are really into themselves; they’re only out for what they want and not really about helping their significant other. I’m a Capricorn myself and I feel that I’m attracted to all types of women. But I have dealt with a lot of women that have turned out to be all about themselves. So, no, I don’t think that everybody is shallow. I think that its more about what that person has gone through in their lives that have shaped and molded how they treat other people in future relationships.

FD: Wow! So, what inspired you to write your book?

LB: Honestly, Long Distance Relations was a project I started working on out of boredom. I had just started a new job in a retail store that was really slow.  One day I just pulled up a word document and started writing. At the time, me and ole girl was still together. But what I did was just wrote until my heart was content. And I always knew that one day what I was working on would be a book. I end up printing out what I wrote and put it away. And long story short. I pulled the document out one day about three years later. And I read what I wrote and realized that it was so much more to it. And the format that I wrote it in was so unique that you don’t see book out there like that. What I did was I wrote it out as if my friend was interviewing me to help her out with her thesis for her Master’s Degree. And when it came out everyone that read it, they really loved it. And some people told me that they couldn’t put it down. Now what I’m doing, I’m just on a mission to get my name out there with hopes of one day becoming a bestselling author like I know you hope to be a Grammy Award winning artist one day.

FD: Defiantly! But you know what? Since you brought that up, just to switch the topic for a minute, I honestly wanted to say something. I pretty much had my album done. But I have something to say in my music. A lot of R&B people they come out. A lot of them can really sing, but they don’t really have any substance. And I think love is kind of similar to music. Because, in love, you can’t just love somebody for what they got or how they look. Because the looks are eventually going to fade and what if they become broke? I mean you have to genuinely love somebody. I think that a lot of the females that like me, it’s because they can see that I really want to love. You know, a lot guys just wanna do they thing and leave. And you know what I mean be that. I’m a man and I like to do that too. But I want love attached to it. I mean its so easy to get you a little floozy or skank. But you got that one.

Is it going to be available? Your book, Long Distance Relations, is it going to be available anywhere soon so we can check it out?

LB: You can actually order it now anywhere books are sold. You can order it through my website at I’ll be out in Baltimore on September 24 at the Baltimore Book Festival.  So if you out that way come check me out. I’m on twitter, @LaFredieB. I have my own fan page on Facebook. If you hit me up I’ll help you get your hands on my book.


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