What’s Next

You’ve spent the last year or two cranking out a manuscript. You’ve lost six months of your life to shopping your work around to publishers. You’ve hit everyone on the internet that will consider your genre be it urban fiction, paranormal fiction, non fiction or poetry. Finally, you won the grand prize and the publisher believes that your book shows great promise. The two of you both hope to see it on the top of the bestseller’s list real soon. The first month, you sold maybe five copies and those were to friends and family. It appears your publisher have left all the marketing up to you. Now you have to ask yourself, what do I do next?

We all know the internet has a wealth of knowledge for us to tap into. As an author, take advantage of that knowledge and gain the exposure that you’ve been looking for. Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, blog sites are all great avenues to start with. All of which are free. Virtual Book Tours can be pretty costly. All of the packages offer the same thing; a dedicated tour page, 20 to 30 posts over a 30 to 60 day period on blog sites that promote books in your genre with pretty heavy traffic.

The message here is that as a published author, you can’t sit still if you ever expect to get your book into the hands of your fans. You can’t just count on the countless number of people that tell you that they will support you, they believe in you, and they’re going to be there for you. Many of them are saying that because of the friendships you have or because they believe its the right thing to say. But to someone who has out they’re life into their work, action really do speak louder then words. What is the subject of your book? Love? Relationships? Create you own blog and post something at least once a week related to the subject. Who are your main characters? Take your readers on a journey into the life of your main characters outside of book. But the work doesn’t stop there. Begin looking for opportunities to setup a table at free venues. Schedule reading at the public library. Contact the churches in your area. Did you have a release party? No? Talk to a relative or friend about hosting one at their home. Find out what it will cost if anything to have a release party at a park or park pavilion. See if you can have supports donate food and decorations. Also reach out to people you know that have their own business to sponsor your party or even your tour. In addition to all of that, you actually need to hit the book stores for a signing. If you’re published through a traditional publisher, book stores will have no problem hosting you. You just have to work out a date that fits their schedule. As a self-published author, you may encounter some resistance. They will want your book to be available through their distribution channels or distributors such as Ingram and, Baker & Taylor. They will also want your book to be marked as returnable which means if they order 100 copies of your book but don’t sell but five, they will be able to return the unsold copies to the publisher for a full refund.

There is a lot to do and not a lot of time for you to get it done in. Chances are, this is your first book and you’re still working a full time job to make ends meet. Make the most of your free time and pull these things together. If you do this right, it will be easy to pull a plan together for your next book.

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