No Facebook

So, Saturday marked one full week of no facebook or social media in general. I thought it would be much harder then it was. I mean I – like most people – was so trained to live my life through such a public forum. Even if I didn’t post what I was doing I still felt this need to go on to see what was going on in other peoples lives.

I had to ask myself, “why should I care?” Those people are human just as I am. We all have trials & tribulations that we face on a daily basis. I have no right to know what they are going through or how they are handling their business if I don’t plan to lift them up in prayer. If you are not prayer for me but against me, what business is it of yours how a customer made me feel?

These are all just thoughts that have been running through my head this past week. Honestly, it’s become a bit much for me. I’m taking a break. For the next 60 days you will not see me post anything on facebook with the exception of autofeed applications.


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