Epiphany Moment

One of the ministers of my church text me today about planning a retreat for the young adults. I just read the text again and it hit me. I’m not in that young adult age bracket anymore. That was my epiphany moment

Typically young adults are in that 20 to 25 age range but you can push the limits into your late twenties. While in less then 60 days I will be crossing over into a new decade of life.

My friends and family have had to endure my excitement about breaching this landmark in my life for about two years now. This is a great moment of reflection for me. I’ve accomplished many of my goals, made great strides towards others, and laid out new ones. By many people standards I’m a great failure: failed marriage, ex-girlfriend aborted my child, still at the bottom of the totem pole on my job, still haven’t graduated from college and the list can go on. But in my eyes I’m still a great success: at least embarked upon college, been a success in public relations for ten years, held a full-time job with the same company for more then seven years now, published my first novel with a chapbook soon to follow with a second novel and a biography in the works, slated to graduate with my undergrad and grad degrees simultaneously in three years and again the list can go on.

Over the next 8 months I have at least 11 friends or associates that will be joining me on the other side of the hill. Many of them are afraid of what this adventure will bring. I’m taken the bull by the horns and taking him down. I will be an example of one who will “dance like nobody is watching,” to “sing like nobody is listening”‘ and to “live like there is no tomorrow”.

Watch me move my feet!


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