That “Facebook” Itch

(If you reading this through a link on Facebook or Twitter, notice the autofeed stamp.)

Alright! It’s day number 32 of my no social media fast. I was okay until recently. This week I got that itch and I got it bad. I miss talking to my friends on twitter throughout the day. I miss watching them battle it out over stuff like Fruit Loops vs Peanut Butter Cap N’ Crunch. I miss being that sounding board of advice and turning to my fans and followers for advice on things I’m going through.

Don’t get me wrong, I can still do without the racy photos and ignorant talk on Facebook. I’m enjoying the extra rest and relaxation of not jumping every ten minutes to see whats going on. I don’t miss the nights of continuous emails from tags, comment on post, and game gifts. The nights of sleeping with one eye on my Facebook wall or Twitter time line are behind me.

But I got this itch and I wanna scratch it. But I’m doing so good. I’d hate to ruin the progress that I’ve made so far. It would be useless. God would just require me to take this test again. But you know my slogan, “In the end, I win!”

Make some noise for your boy completing 32 days with no social media. And cheer on as I take on this last 28 days. At the same time I’m challenging you to go one week without Facebook or Twitter. Most people I know can’t make it one hour. Prove me wrong and meet this challenge. It might be something in it for you.


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