LaFreddie B Live: Real Thoughts

Its really funny how someone thinks they know what God is telling you better then you. My personal conversation about my spiritual well being is keep between me and God for a reason. There are things that He is dealing with me on that no one else needs to be involved in. I understand a Pastor feels a certain way way about loose sheep but I don’t feel that that gives them the right to question your relationship with God. Ultimately, if I make a move based on what I believe to be God talking to me and later learn that I was misled, I’m the one that has to answer for that move on the day of judgment not that Pastor.

Its interesting how nearly four years after I left this pastor’s church they recently decided they need to reach out to me to “clear the air”. Honestly, I feel that it was just them attempting to take another opportunity to tell me where, in their eyes, I missed a step and moved out of flush and not predicated on the voice of God.

My spirit is always in touch with the spirit of God. And when the word came that this pastor wanted to talk to me, I was immediately aware of how the conversation was going to go. I didn’t take the first call because I was caught off guard. Honestly, I didn’t think they would call. I talked to my current pastor about the situation before calling back and received confirmation on what I already knew.

My flush wants to be mad, upset, and throw a temper tantrum kicking and screaming in the middle of the floor, throwing things. But my spirit is so in sync with the will of God for my life that that’s so not an option right now. Warning always comes before destruction. Its up to us to take heed to those warnings and move accordingly. I have no hard feelings towards this pastor. They can believe what they want until the sky turns green. But I have to move according to the will of God for my life otherwise I’d be a liar standing before him professing “not my will but your will be done”.



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