Character Interview: Dwayne Garrett

A special guest stopped by the studio the other day and sat down for an exclusive interview. Dwayne Garrett, the lead character from my debut novel, Long Distance Relations, blessed the mic with some never shared before insight on the long distance romance and what we can expect in the future from the fellas from Chicago Future Leaders program.

Dwayne and I sat down to discuss Long Distance Relations and what the fans can expect from Mr. Garrett and the other characters.

LaFreddie B: Dwayne, thanks for stopping by the studio. As always, its a pleasure to relive the creation of my work. The fans want to know who is the real Dwayne Garrett.

Dwayne Garrett: Dwayne Garrett is a complicated man. No, just kidding! I am a really down to earth person.  You actually did a great job of portraying me in Long Distance Relations. I really am the romantic type. Flowers, cards, candy…that’s me all day. But at the same time, I love my job and work just as hard to please my clients as I do the women in my life. That’s Dwayne Garrett in a nutshell.

LB: What was it like for you as a character to step off the pages of the book and see it played out the way I write it?

DG: It was really different the way you wrote it. In my opinion, the interview format was a genius move. I can’t wait for real book fans to get of hold of this book to weigh in with their opinions and thoughts on what I think is a great first attempt.

LB: Speaking of real book fans, Long Distance Relations has been in print for fifteen months now. There is a nice size crowd that have access to the book. However, their is still an audience to be reached. When those real book fans get their hands on a copy of LDR, what can they expect?

DG: Long Distance Relations is a love story like none other. The way that the story of my love for Caroline comes out is not like that of a random couple that you can meet on the streets or that you read about in other books. The way that it ends and how the truth comes out in the epilogue is shocking and shows the audience that even fictional characters have to deal with mayhem in their lives as well. Its a story that many people go through through but don’t know how to talk about. It really is a good read.

LB: What can the literary world expect next from you as a character?

DG: Well a may make a few guest appearances in some of your upcoming projects. But if the fans think that got to know me know me in Long Distance Relations, they will really get to know me in your new project, Recovering From A Broken Heart.

LB: Do me a favor and tell them what that project is about.

DG: Recovering From A Broken Heart will gave the readers a look at what happened with me after the initial breakup with Caroline and how I bounce back. That will get to see some interaction between my son and I and the type of father that I am as well as meet some new characters. I believe Caroline is coming back in this project as well.

LB: Dealing with a broken heart is never an easy thing to do. In Recovering From A Broken Heart, Dwayne will expose some hidden truths about what it takes for a man to get over the love of his life to begin to move own. Dwayne, thanks for coming through today to share with the fans. Its been a real pleasure to have you.

Stay tuned for more details on Recovery From A Broken Heart and other projects in the works by me. You may see the return of some of your favorite characters in addition to being introduced to some new figments of my imagination. I’m sure that after the wind gets out that Dwayne has stopped by the studio some of the other characters may pop in unannounced. Until then, this have been another LaFreddie B experience.



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