Movie Review: Stomp The Yard- Homecoming

After reviewing this movie, I now understand why this movie went straight to DVD. The line between the first and second movie was drawn but it was easily crossed.

I do believe in giving props where props are due. The cast was awesome. Pooch Hall, Teyana Taylor, Collins Pennie, Terrance J, David banner, Keith David, Jazmine Guy, and the rest of the cast did a great job with the story line that they were given. I live in Ohio, and it was pumped up that Cincinnati native Tyler Nelson was in this movie as Bryce. Really, the role didn’t deceive the attention that it was given. He had one line.

My problem with this movie is that there was no real distinction between the first and second movies. The concept changed a little but the Chance came into the situation the same that DJ did, selfishly. DJ had the chance to school the neos and in the end they got it together. But isn’t that how it happened in the first movie? Second disappointment: The movie is called Stomp The Yard and there wasn’t much stepping at all in the movie. There wasn’t even as much dancing in this film as the first. I’m a former dancer and I thrive off dance movies.

With the success of the first film, fans was expecting a home run with this film. I think the studio know that expectations were high with this film and decided to go straight to DVD when they realized that they were able to deliver. I rate this movie one and a half stars. Columbus Short, I need more from you!


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