First Date Ideas

I had this conversation today in the break room. What is a good first date? Now, before you chime in with dinner and a movie, think about how often you or someone you know have done dinner and a movie for the first date. Although its a easy fix to an awkward situation, in the 21st century its no longer the best idea of a first date. compiled a list of the top 10 first date ideas. All of them are interesting and pretty good alternatives to dinner and a movie. Some things I’ve done in the past seems to have yielded pretty good results.

After my divorce in 2008, I met a young lady at work that was beautiful and very much so interested in me. For our first date, which was on a school night for her and early work day for me, I took her to Cold Stone Creamery. We sat and ate ice cream for about three hours before the staff put us out so they can close up. The second date was a nice evening walk through the park along Lake Michigan. The third date was a tour of the JellyBelly factory store in Pleasent Prairer, WI followed by lunch at Culvers. She was ready for a full blown relationship after that. My feeling and emotions being too raw still, I ended things there.

After a taking time to finalize the divorce and for personal healing, my next first date was with a young lady that my best friend/brother set me up with. Beautiful young lady and highly recommended by all that knew her. We chilled out for more then two hours one Friday night at The Cheesecake Factory. I drove and paid of course. That was followed up by an invitation to Saturday Night Live watch was the regular worship service for World Outreach & Bible Training Center at the time. (They’ve since moved services to Sunday morning.) After that, she had us standing at the alter. Yep, that ended there too.

Check out this list of ideas from and create your own great first date experience.

Top 10: First Date Ideas


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  1. Toya S says:

    Well, I don’t know about those other women you’ve dated, but I’m gonna say that we had the best first date out of them all. Because ours was the first of a lifetime more to come:)

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