Character Interview: Caroline Jacobs

Caroline is never one to be out done. She heard that Dwayne stopped by the studio and she came to set somethings straight.

LaFreddie B: Miss Caroline. Its good to see you as always. Looking good as usual.

Caroline Jacobs: Cut the crap Mr. Writer Man. You already know why I’m here. Your boy, Dwayne is fail and he know it. He came in here trying to make himself look good when everybody knows that if you read the book he was the dirty one not me.

LB: I’m sensing a lot of anger and frustration here. You wanna calm that mess down in my studio.

CJ: NO! In fact you about tic me off more.

LB: Well it sounds like we got off on the wrong foot. Can we start this from the beginning?

CJ: Whatever!

LB: How are you today, Miss Jacobs?

CJ: I told you I wanna get this over with.

LB: Ok, so lets jump right in. The book talked about your relationship with Dwayne Garrett. What was it like for you to relive that part of your life?

CJ: Dwayne was a good dude when we were together. Traveling down memory lane only reminded me of such a great person that is now apart of my past.

LB: That sounds like it would be something that would be difficult to do based on what I know from the book?

CJ: It was. I’m trying not to have any hard feeling but that not easy when Dwayne keeps throwing it back in my face how all of this end up being caused by me.

LB: Do you take blame for any of it?

CJ: Of course. I should’ve called Dwayne or at some point talked to him about what happened between me and Charles.

LB: Why didn’t you?

CJ: I have a bad habit of assuming the worst and then acting on it. This situation was no different. I thought that if I was honest with Dwayne about what happened, he would ultimately end up making the same move.

LB: Well what’s next for the Caroline Jacobs camp? Any new projects?

CB: I believe that I will make an appearance in the sequel to Long Distance Relations. I believe that its called Recovering From A Broken Heart. I am also working on that’s currently untitled and I hear that you may bring me back in my own book as well.

LB: Well, I can confirm that you will make a few appearances in RFABH but as for that other project, we will see how the inspiration leads my pen. lol. But I am glad to hear that you are working on somethings of your own. Hey, we will have to get you back in the studio sometime soon.

CJ: For sure

LB: How about a reunion of sorts with Mr. Garrett himself?

CJ: Do I look scared?

LB: I guess not…lol

CJ: Baby, I don’t turn down nothing but my collar.

LB: Well, there it is. Dwayne if you listening, give me a call bro. We gotta set this up. I hear you got a new boo. Make sure she okay with you meeting up with your ex. Caroline, thanks for coming in.

CJ: Anytime

LB: Well that’s all for today. Peace!



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