The creative mind

For a normal person, processing thoughts come with ease. For a creative person, processing thoughts is a daunting task that can be fun, challenging, nerve wrecking, and – depending on the thought – down right uncomfortable. Every thought for me lately has been like a jigsaw puzzle or a scavenger hunt where no stone goes unturned. Some of the things that have crossed my mind lately has been very encouraging and fun to play with. While others either leave more to be desired or have raised some serious concerns.

This week, I’m on vacation. No, i didn’t run off to some island to bask in the sun sipping on an exotic drink or taste a new cuisine. I’m actually back in Wisconsin hanging out with family and catching with old friends. I’ve shared some of my recent thoughts with my mom this week and she’s had to shut me down. Just yesterday in the middle of a task for her she all but took my computer out of my hands and get me to relax. As you can see that didn’t help. Here it is, midnight on Memorial day and i’m more  concerned about getting another post out to my readers then enjoying this 76 degree weather that is about to turn into a cold front.

So, lets get to what I really want to talk about. Soon you can look forward to some interesting things coming from #teamLaFreddieB. In August, I’ll be throwing a creative arts festival in Columbus. This festival will feature a new skit that will reveal a huge piece of my personal testimony. Hopefully, by Christmas Stronger Than I’ve Ever Been: Emotions of a Real Men will be ready for release with S.T.I.E.B.: Love Letter to soon follow. All of you that’s waiting for Recovering From a Broken Heart – the sequel to Long Distance Relations – i haven’t forgot about you. I truly believe that this book will be worth the wait.  Once that is complete, i have a new series for you to look forward to that i believe will cover issues that will hit home.

With all of this on my mind, its no wonder i need someone to pull my chain to get me to relax.  With that said, I’m signing of for now. Love you guys and keep the juices flowing



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