One of My Favorite Performance pieces.

Childhood Crush

She made me feel like a kid again.

Like that five year little boy who couldn’t

Wait for the next time his parents would

Have a date night so he could go see

The woman of his dreams

The six feet tall vixen with a beautiful smile

And eyes that would melt a man’s heart

Every time she walks in the room.

She was the babysitter.

However, the woman that brought all those

Feeling back wasn’t the babysitter

Although I would like her to be

She’s the first thing that I’ve seen that

Melts my heart the same way

The only woman since I was five

That has me struggling to find the right words to say

She makes it hard to get the simplest phrase out like,

“Excuse, can know your name!”.

She makes a brotha hyperventilate.

See it ain’t as easy as it seems because

This one just might be the next Mrs. LaFreddie B.

So I wanna make sure I go about this the right way

Because I want her to know that I not just another

Nigga trying to get some bed play.

So I sit and I wait.

I sit and I wait.

So I sit and I wait for her to show up at

PU Tuesdays or Throw Back Thursdays

Knowing that one day its gonna be just like that day

When I was five on the school yard.

The day that I walked across campus

And I saw her and she saw me.

And we had our blockbuster movie moment

As we ran to each other in slow motion

And she lifted me into the air and we shared a hug and a kiss.

So I sit and wait for that day to repeat itself

Only this time I left her into the air as we

Walk across the threshold for the first time

I as her husband and she as my wife.

(C) 2009


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