National Read A New Book Month

Looking for a new book to read? After all, this is National Read-A-New-Book Month. Check out these good reads!

When Black Women Pray: How Church And Faith Change Black Women by Raymond Sturgis

Black mothers, continue to feel the sting of violence that is taking the lives of their beautiful children, and only God can bring the peace and understanding where mankind lacks. When souls become weary, gospel music has always been a strong and essential element that brought people closer to God and black women in church are mainly responsible for uplifting sadness from confused hearts, and bring understanding to illiterate minds, and joy to wandering souls. It is abundantly important for God fearing black women to teach young wayward and confused black mothers how to pray and ask God to improve their parenting skills. This book explains that black women are needed more importantly to show others that God is real and he is always on time. Pray on beautiful black women; lift up your praises so we all can shower in the bliss that heaven will rain down from the power of your praise.

Jasmine’s Tears by Elliot T. Graves

The Crestwood Heights apartment complex plays host to some of the seediest parts of Chicago’s inner city. The between the buildings are a breeding ground for prostitution, drug addiction, and the mediums who profit from such decay. This also happens to be the place Jasmine Fisher calls home. Trapped in its world of over indulgence and self-destruction, Jasmine fights a losing battle to keep her sanity. She tries desperately to hold on to her life, while struggling to break free from the hold that the dark corridors and crime-ridden alleyways of Crestwood Heights has on her. There’s no father in the house, a kid sister to look after, and a mother who barely scraped by with enough money to keep them living in the cramped one bedroom apartment. Jasmine is left with no other decision, but to take it upon herself to secure a way out of this wasteland. After hooking up with a variant of unfaithful boyfriends that range in economic status from drug addicts to fake wannabe ballers, Jasmine meets Curtis. It is a union that may improve her life or seal her fate.

The Pride by Faydra D. Fields

Four women have two things in common. They’re all mothers, and the father of their children is the same man.

Although Emmanuel does everything he can to provide for his own household, and four others, it’s just not enough to keep the mothers of his children from just scraping by.

Xavari convinces Denise, Angela and Romina that the four of them must pick up the slack where Emmanuel is unable.

Contraband by J L Campbell

As master of his destiny, Paul Weekes does what is necessary to survive. He makes his own fortune, but his luck nosedives when hijackers target his illicit shipments. He has no proof, but suspects the police officer who facilitates his exports off the island of Xantrope has turned on him. To make things worse, Paul’s ne’er-do-well cousin is accidentally involved in a gang murder, and a hit is put on him.

A budding liaison with the cop’s niece adds more complication. Janine refuses to accept Paul’s way of life, but inadvertently becomes a victim of his lifestyle. Thrust into kidnapping, double cross and murder, Paul must choose between a relationship with Janine and staying alive long enough to change the course of his future.

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