I just have to share this.

I apply to Rhema in early August. On the application it ask what year you are applying for. Knowing my situation, how close it was to the start of the school year, and what God told me, I put 2012. About a week later I received an acceptence letter for 2011. I was excited to get this but knew something was wrong. I was on the phone with my mom when I got it. So we talked out a plan of action.

The next day I called admissions and explained the situation. The lady I spoke with told me I should’ve waited until after October to apply, however if I didn’t show up for the new school year, I would  receive a call in October to confirm my attendance for the next year and at that time I would be asked to pay the application fee again. I didn’t feel that that was fair because I’d done everything correctly according to their website. But if paying another $30 application fee was going to help me get another step closer to walking into my calling, it was worth it. So, I’ve been sitting back waiting for that call.

However, on Monday I received another letter from Rhema saying how sad they were that I wasn’t able to attend this year but they hoped to see me next year. It also said that they wanted me to go online to re-apply. I was confused because that’s not what I was told would happen. So, I tried putting that letter in the back of my mind for the moment and thought that on Friday I’d call them and see if I could just pay the application fee as I was told I would have to do. But for some reason the whole situation weigh heavy on my mind last night as I was going to sleep. So, I put it in God’s hands.

Today, I’m finishing up with a customer and I see a call come through that I don’t recognize. Like most people I sent the call to voice mail only to realize afterwards that the the number did look familiar. As I went to check my voice mail a second call came through from the number and this time I answered. Sure enough it was Rhema calling. The lady asked if I’d received the second letter and that I should ignore it. And the icing on the cake was when she advised that I don’t even have to pay the application fee again. You talking about excitement…I am overjoyed at this point.

This may seem like something real small to some people but this is huge to me! This is like the lady with the silver coins. She had the 99 but lost the 1. She swept and cleaned the house and lit a candle to find the one missing piece. To some that one missing piece seems so insignificant. But to her it meant everything. The that I don’t have to fill out a new application or pay a second application fee will make some people think “why is that such a big thing to him?” It for the same reason the angels rejoice over the one lost soul.


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