Resurrection by Da T.R.U.T.H.

I performed this cover piece on Sunday for my church’s Christmas program. I’d never done a cover before. But I did this one to help me get use to being on stage performing again. The audience gave it an incredible receiption. I was pleased with the performance.


By: Da T.R.U.T.H.

I’m homesick

This body’s a tent,

heavens where home is

I guess its safe to say that God’s people

are homeless

and just as sure as a fugitive runs our moneys are tied up in mutual funds

Cats be like u got unusal ones

Thats because the riches we got are stored up for after the funeral son

numero one Christ had to rip the veil

cause there was bad blood between us like sickle cell anemia

the media that keep feedin us lies and immediat-elty we eat it up like medium fries whoa

The heartbeat in the side longs for the day

when Christ will come plus bring me to his side and clothe me in white

We’ll be jus like him like Kobe & Mike

Me and my homies, my wife

me and my homies like R-swift J-silas c em

Corey Precise

We goin to glory right!

We headed to the new heaven the new earth

baby I got proof

its Jesus Christ Resurrection and I’m not duped

This is objectivity its not my truth

we goin to glory y’all how bout you?


New Heaven New Earth

baby I got proof

its Jesus Christ Resurrection and I’m not duped

This is objectivity its not my truth

we goin to glory y’all how bout you?


My poppa aint a rollin stone

and when the angels rolled the stone away you better know the roman soldiers were blown away

we got a stoaway

nah Jesus Christ, died, resurrected folded his clothes then stole away

Now that’s incredible

He showed himself da credible witnesses that witnessed his death but

didn’t expect Him to come out of the grave

just as the scriptures had said

and he thought the ladies were sick in the head

and when they came back reporting what they had seen with their eyes the disciples were sceptical so they sent Peter & John…Yo

to verify what they told ’em

Jesus is risen

meanwhile the chief priests were bribin the soldiers

obviously with a valuable token they told em to keep quiet and just to say his body was stolen yo

by the disciples at night while the soldiers were sleepin but the story was weak and He showed himself breathin livin and movin made appearances showed em his feet and his nail scarred hands

reiterated and told em his secret

he said I am the fulfillment of Moses’ teachings cleoprathes grievings turn into joy cos he was hopin to see his redeemer even josephius wrote of this Jesus the historical Christ

even explorers are like there’s irrefutable evidence in support of His life

plus his dying and I am not lying

tell a friend that’s agnostic God has got no skeletons in his closet nope

they cant find his bones

nowhere to be found not even his teeth

nowhere in the ground


He’s home wearing a crown

the disciples washed em a sin

therefore we Holy Spirit endowed

with the power to be witnesses how many listeners know that when you die you’ll rise and be with rest of us

We not cocky, we confident in the God who rescued us plus

resurrected his son from out of the seplica have you accepted these facts

and if u haven’t lets chat

after the show or email me and I’ll be happy to rap

about these matters concerning our faith

Jesus Christ Resurrection has determined our fate!


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