RIP To the Queen of POP

This weekend, the star of Queen of Pop and R&B sensation, Whitney Houston quietly dimmed out. But she will never be forgotten.

When I heard the news of Whitney’s death on Sunday, I felt like it was the Michael Jackson situation all over again. The difference was that we weren’t waiting around the the living room waiting for the newscasters to confirm her death. All it took this time was for BET to flash it’s tribute photo with her dates embossed on the side.

Whitney was a huge pop icon where I grow up on the East side of Milwaukee. I remember when the Bodyguard came out, I was in the fifth grade. At the end of the school year, our art teacher picked a handful of students in the school to throw a party for. As we ere enjoying ourselves, “I Will Always Love You” came on the radio. Every single student in that room sang along with Whitney and hit our own off key notes in concert. That is one of my favorite Whitney Houston moments.

“How Will I Know”, “I Have Nothing”, “Heartbreak Hotel”,  “I’m Every Woman”, “I’m Your Baby Tonight”, “I Look To You” will all be classic Whitney for generations to come. Whitney kept us entertained even when she was not promoting an album. She n awesome resume of films that I believe we all should make a part of our home collections. Without a doubt, The Bodyguard and Waiting To Exhale. Two of her lesser known films just so happens to be my two favorite that she starred in; Hammerstain’s Cinderella and The Preacher’s Wife. But even with all of that, there is still one project that top them all for me.

In 2009, Whitney released her sixth studio album, “I Look To You”. It didn’t garner the success of some of her earlier work but it released my all time favorite Whitney Houston song; “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength”. At the time that I first heard that ballad written by Diane Warren, I was at a dark point in my life and was.digging my way out. The funny part about it is that , I was driving down the highway one morning on my way to work balling my eyes out. That song showed me what I didn’t see in myself, how strong I really am even after all that I had been though till that point. It was  much needed emotional healing.

Whitney my have joined Michael Jackson and  Gregory Hines (Waiting to Exhale co-star), but his memory will live on forever. Rest In Peace to the Queen of the Night!


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