Treasures of Pearl

Last night I couldn’t sleep and I believe it has something to do with the company I work for and the organizational changes that were announced today. Its time for me to really get serious about breaking out on my own.

Over the last ten years I’ve made a name for myself in the kitchen. You can look at me and see that I don’t miss many meals. I’m divorced, currently single, living in Ohio. My mom is in Wisconsin and Grandma is in Arkansas, so a brotha better know how to cook.

Although my savory menu starts fights. Its my sweet menu that I’m most know for. And that is what was on my mind last night.

Sugar Hi is my specialty catering company.  I do traditional as well as unique desserts. But there are some things that are special to my family. The immediate and extended family all run to my Grandmother for that one dessert. So I’m introducing a special line of desserts that honor the woman that first taught me how to bake.

Treasures of Pearl is my way of saying thank you grandma for giving me this gift.

Tune into for more details and ordering information for this and many other hot sweet teats that will give you the ultimate SUGAR HI!



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