Things A Gentleman Has Just Gotta’ Do

I stumbled upon this article today and thought it should be shared.

Things A Gentleman Has Just Gotta’ Do

In our opinion, well-groomed gents have just gotta’…

– Say “thanks” when someone holds the door.

– Let people off the elevator before rushing on.

– When calling someone with whom there is no set phone appointment, ask “do you have a minute?” before jumping into that rant/talk.

– Listen and make sure that person says “yes, I have a minute” before launching into that rant/talk.

– Provide a firm handshake always. Not “break his wrist” firm, but no dead fish.

– If asking someone “how are you?” — being prepared and ready to listen with actual attention.

Avoid sporting a uni-brow, comb-over, or excess nose or ear hair.

– Be pleasant and polite to service staff no matter the venue. Issues can be addressed, but there are ways to do it with dignity and without demeaning someone.

– Wear a bow tie once in awhile.

Write handwritten notes and send them through the mail (of course, to someone they know or are trying to get to know).

– Make sure to “take it” as good as you “dish it out.”

Tell the truth — that way nothing really has to be remembered.

Take off that blue tooth head seat if it’s not in use.

Un-clip any mobile technology strapped to belts.

Provide an offer for reading this far. Get 10% off all purchases on when you enter the code “GOTTODO” at checkout.

– Know when others are sick of reading your list…. (we’re done)


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