Are those tears I see: Make your woman shed tears of joy


I wanna share a secret with you. Its okay to make her cry. But there is one very important rule to that game…they must be tears of happiness!

A strong woman is much like that of a strong man. She will never let you see her cry. But we know when we’ve hit that button. If she is all of sudden running from the room or taking multiple trips to the restroom…bruh, you just sit the sprinklers off. Those are the moments that you need to take note of because those are the moments that will forever leave a lasting impression in her mind. She will share those moments with all of her girlfriends and her mother.

But here is another unspoken rule. Once is not enough. Once you massage that button and start the sprinkler, she will want to experience that feeling often. In other words, she will be begging you to break down the dame that the guys before you built and allow that river to flow. Remember it don’t take much. My current girlfriend, will deny it to the death, but I shared my blog (yes the one you’re reading right now) with her. She got to see some of the vulnerability that most men don’t talk about. She was able to see how some of the wheels in my head turn. And that was enough for her. She swear that she just had to go to the restroom but I saw the glassiness of the eyes before she walked out the room.

Here are a few simple things that women love:

A greeting card: You decide what you can fit into your budget. The amount you spend on the card don’t matter to her. Its the message the card conveys. Therefore make sure the message in the card really comes from the heart. If it don’t she will know and you will be adding you own layer of bricks to that dame.

Take her on an unusually date: You know what your girl like and don’t like and don’t like sometimes better then her family. I’m sure that most guys can agree that even when we appear to not be listening, we are. What better way to show her that you actual did hear some of the things she was telling. I’m sure at some point she shared some fantasies with you. Capitalize on that and create an experience that she will never forget. Again, work within your budget (yeah, I’m on this big savings kick right now.) It can be something as simply as tour of an art museum with a picnic lunch or as extravagant as a beach front photo shoot. Regardless, make sure its something you know she will love.

Small surprises: The size of the ring don’t matter but we know they’re lying. But the small things do matter. Surprise her with a rose on her dashboard after work or a trip to her favorite stylist.

This list is of course not all inclusive. Listen to your girl and she’ll keep you on take with what makes the flood gates open.


LaFreddie B


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