Elsa’s On The Park: Milwaukean’s boycotting long time eatery near Cathedral Square

Elsa’s on the park in Milwaukee has been a hometown favorite of most current and former Milwaukee Residents for as long as can remember. In high school I often remember many of my classmates hanging out there after homecoming, a big game or prom. But at that time Elsa’s played second Fidel to the Club House on Hwy 100.

My ex-wife was a huge fan of Elsa’s. There were many nights that she and I would wait around for upwards of an hour or more for a table. Elsa’s was such a huge part of my social life when I lived in Milwaukee that I actually wrote a few scenes of my next book set in the establishment.

Over the last few days, there has been a lot of noise kicked up on Facebook and Milwaukee black media outlets about a race related incident that left Elsa’s On The Park owners girlfriend, Mary, covered in someone’s drink a few nights ago. I have a few things that I want to say in regards to this.

I don’t have all of the facts and many of the details I’ve come across are sort of sketchy. From my understanding, two young ladies experience poor service at the restaurant and attempted to speak to the wet, Carl, about th service before they left and were advised by him to return to the restaurant on Saturday to talk about it because he was too bus at the moment. That’s issue number one. I’ve been in customer service for over fifteen years. That is not acceptable customer service to me. You acknowledge that I have an issue, great. But the proper thing for you to do is to make time in your busy schedule to speak with me about my issue. Never should it be acceptable to pass the issue off until another day because, guess what. When that day comes who is to say that you won’t be too busy then to give me your full attention. Beside, as a owner, you should want all of the details as fresh as you can get them. Asking me to set the issue aside for a few days may cause of the most important details to slip through the cracks.

What happen next I feel was out of line on the girlfriends part. I take it that after Carl walked away from the young ladies he gave Mary a brief run down of the pending complaint. Unless Carl asked her to go over and talk to the women (this detail was unpublished) she shouldn’t have said anything to them. Carl had already advised the women that he would speak with them later in the week. Why is she putting her noise in his business specially sine she is not on payroll. Then after speak with the women she unleashed a tyrant of racial comments about back women in general. That’s issue three for me.

As a man, it’s our responsibility to protect our women. You disrespect them, you disrespect me. Just because you’ve experienced a few bad apples in the bunch, don’t mean they all need to be thrown out. There have been times that I have witnessed African-Americans acting a fool. Hell, Milwaukee has made national news on several occasions because our people felt the need to show their tails. In 2002 there was the beating death of Charlie Young, Jr just a lock or two from my house. So, I know the attention that we bring to ourselves. But, you (Mary) have no right to stand up in the middle of a public establishment and degrade us as a people because of the few run ins you’ve had with African-Americans. If we did the same thing to you just because we’ve been called nigger, or worse by a person of European decent, you’d make sure we known how unfair we are being since that wasn’t you who performed that action.

Talk about bad tippers. I walked the diamond box of the old County Stadium back in high school. The black people tipped better then the white on most nights. It was the same at the Bradley Center. And me as a patron, I general tip at least 15-18% and if the service was exceptional, my tips are often doubled and that’s something I picked up from a black woman.

Say what you want. But you can’t degrade a whole race or class of people because of a few bad apples in the bunch.


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