Not all men who love God are gay: Why are the creative types always typecasted?

Lately, I haven’t been into my social media as I once were. So, I’m often out of the loop on things until later. Apparently, Deitrick Haddon went in on Twitter & Facebook about his failed marriage to Damita. I’ve been through a divorce. So I can relate to the hurt and pain that comes with the tearing apart of those soul ties. I can even relate to the back lash that he knew would come from such an announcement which is probably why he waited a year to announce the divorce to the public.

What burns me about this has nothing to do with Deitrick & Damita. They are two individuals who were once married to each other and for whatever reason(s) they have decided to go their separate ways. I’m getting on my soap box about these so called fans and church folks that always seem to have something to say about everything. One person commented, “Why am I not surprised? There was always something off about these two to me. I actually thought Deitrick Haddon was gay.”

What would make you say something like that about a person that is clearly on fire for God and deeply remorseful about this unfortunate situation? And I’m not just referring to Deitrick. Statements like this have been made about many men in the church. Men that have families, care about seeing the will of God operate in the lives of those around them. Men who have an awesome sense of fashion and creativity but to the public appear to care less about basketball or football. Is it because he don’t have you all in his business, haven’t bedded all the single women of the church, and put just as much passion into his relationship with God as he does his craft?

I mean, I want to know. Like Deitrick, I don’t come off as a thug by any means. But my knowledge of men’s fashion, my creativity niche, and lack of desire to sleep with every woman in a short skirt has people quick to assume the worst of me and many men like me.

As a people we have to do better then beating people down when they are already down.


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