Barack….excuse me….Rock The Vote 2012: Election Season

2008 was one of the roughest years of my life;financially, emotionally, mentally, and in every other way possible. But God kept me. Jobs was being cut left and right but I kept mines. I don’t think there was one person that wasn’t affected financially by the economy.

How could you not be affected when gas prices reached record highs which caused prices across the board to go up. We’re talking a loft of bread – a basic commodity in American households – raising from $.89 to as much as $3 or $4 a loft. Now, we’re not talking about some fancy challah bread. This is just plain white bread with the crust that we got whippings for throwing away as kids.

In 2008, I was still living in Wisconsin working retail and taking public transportation. Going into 2009 it became depressing to ride through the City of Milwaukee and being able to count the number of auto dealerships that no longer were in operation. All of this are things that I’m looking at going into the voting booth this year.

I moved to Columbus in December 2009 and immediately was able to see just how much this city was effected by the failed economy just like Milwaukee. Today as I drove home I was able to really see how the economy in Columbus has improved from three years ago. Former car lots are now open with new dealership owners. New construction throughout the city; new homeowners and businesses moving in. Four years ago businesses were closing. Homeowners were scrambling to get their cherished belongings before the Sheriff showed up to put the out on the streets.

People talk about how bad things are now. But I that they are so business complaining about how bad things are that they can’t see the progress that we have made. Often times were are so business looking at the clouds that we can’t see how bright the sun is shining. I am nowhere near where I thought I’d be in life at nearly 32 years old. I thought I’d have my masters, own a home and would’ve opened my own business by now. I can’t even finish my bachelor’s degree because I have to work overtime to keep up on my bills. But I don’t let it phase me nor do I dwell on it because God has positioned me to have the opportunity to work overtime. Four years ago I didn’t have that and often my next three or four paychecks would be spent before I’d received them. Now that is crazy!

In 2008, I listened to many of the debates and watch the coverage of the candidates on the campaign trail. It was a lot of things said by the republicans and their behavior that I just couldn’t get with. People thought that I was with Barack because he was on the road to becoming the first African American President. Not the case at all. the 2000 Presidential Election was the first that I was able to vote it. I took a Political Science course that year with an assignment to cover where the Bush and Gore stood on the issues that were important to me. That class is in the bag but what I learned from that one assignment has stuck with me since and I apply those same principles to every election since. President Obama has many flows and he has admitted to that. But he is my candidate.

You can look at the things that the Obama Administration has not done. But you also need to look the state the Nation was in when President Obama took the Oath of Office on January 20, 2009. This man stood before America as a candidate and asked for our votes after stating that he may not resolve all of America’s issues in four years but he planned to do the best that he could. Many of he platform promises have been kept. The War on Iraq has ended. The troops in Afghanistan are coming home. The American auto industry has made a huge recovery. Four years ago, GM was on the verge of shutting down. Today….a subject for another day.

I have said a lot. And I’m sure you can see how I’m going to vote this year. But none of that matters.
Campaign ads are running every fifteen minutes on almost every tv and radio station in the country. In my opinion, don’t pay attention to any of them.Sit down with your friends and family and talk about the issues that are the most important to you. Go to the candidates websites and read up on how the candidates really feel about those issues and make your decision accordingly. the campaign ads are just mud slinging back and forth and don’t get to the heart of the issues. You have to do the work. You have to get out and VOTE!

Check out this site to see were all of the candidates running for any office in the nation stand on all issues.

If you just want to get straight to what the Presidential candidates of the major political parties have to say, go straight to their websites.




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