Love Never Fails We Fail at Love: Recent conversations drive point home

Recently, I had a conversation play out with a former love interest. I’ve had a few of them in my life that we have gone back and forward over years about being together. It’s was about two years ago that I realized that there has to be a reason that I’m not with these women. Therefore, I need to keep moving forward and quiet trying to go back and pick up on these old relationships.

Growing up I was always told you often don’t realize what have until its gone. These were good beautiful women whose hearts desires didn’t line up with mine. So we parted ways. This recent conversation brought back to memory those lessons that I learned as a kid. Some people want what they can’t have.

I would so love to tell you what the conversation was about or even use the new screen shot feature on my phone to post the text. But I don’t want to embarrass her. Besides, she’d kill me if she ever read this post and saw that I put her on blast.

What I want all of you to get out of this is learn to cherish what you have right now. Cherish the relationships with those you care about. Hold on to your lovers. What ever problems you have work them out. There is no problem so major that the two of you can come to some agree on how to settle the situation. If you think there is something that between you that my be a problem, remember communication is the key. Talk that thing through and together decide if its a mountain to big for you guys climb TOGETHER!

Live, Laugh, Love



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