Customer Service: a lost art that is cost company business and customers to go into business for themselves

Recently, I’ve been experiencing a string of bad customer service. I thought it was me so, I took a minute to step back and evaluate me and make sure my approach was appropriate. In most situations, that has worked or I was served by another person on my next visit.

We all know how hard it is to run and grab lunch and still have time to eat when you only have thirty minutes. Usually, I will grab something on my way into the office or pack my lunch. The other I was running short on time and wasn’t able to do that. I pondered all day on what I would order so I wouldn’t be forced to go to McDonald’s again. I figured the best option for the cost of eating out would be pizza. It’s just me so a good deal would’ve been enough for lunch, dinner, and maybe lunch the next day. So, I ordered Pizza Hut.

After placing my order online, the confirmation stated estimated time of delivery was 7:09pm. Lunch started at 7pm so it would work out. At 6:55pm I get the first call from the delivery man. I was online with a customer of my own and wasn’t going to hung to answer his call since I figured he was just calling to say he was on the way. No sooner then I send him to voicemail he calls right back. I send him to voicemail again and he calls right back. Ok obviously I’m busy. I answer this time and tells him I will be down as soon as I finish my call. I still have about two minutes before lunch should start plus this customer was not making this call proceed as normal. I finish the call at 7:10pm and head to the lobby.

When I got to the lobby I was extremely surprised to not see anyone down there given the man just called me. I look around and my food and drink is sitting on the table. I ask the guard where did the guy go and he states I think he went back to his car to get something. The guard runs outside and comes ack to inform me that he’d left. I know I paid for my food online put good customer service rules would imply that you wait for your customer to come grab the product they paid for before you head out. The kicker behind all of this is that he sent me a text that my food was in the lobby.

This is not the first time I’ve had an issue with this Pizza Hut. In August they forget my wings at the store and I spent my entire lunch (at that time I had an hour) waiting for the guy to bring them back. I’ve also had issues with other locations promising credit for mistakes and they not honor them later. Pizza Hut as a company has lost my faith and trust in their product and ability to service my dietary needs. However, that location in particular has lost my business forever.

Domino’s look for a call from me in the future!


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