Daily Challenge


Self Portrait: Everybody has done the whole bathroom cellphone photoshoot. I hate those photos and have never aspired to do that. For this challenge, I wanted to do something different. Yes, this was taken in the mirror. But it was not in the bathroom and you also get to see how I view things.




tumblr_mg4ajf5DXj1qk665po1_500New Year’s Resolution: New Year, New You! With the incoming of a new year, we all reflect on what we achieved or didn’t achieve in the last year. After over coming so many physical challenges in 2012, its time to get back to my passion of writing and finish the stories I have started for you.







tumblr_mg4aq1rcRF1qk665po1_500Fitness Goals: I’ve been in Columbus for three years now. In that time I’ve gained nearly 40 lbs. This weight gain is contributed to several injuries and stress. In 2013, I will loose at least 20 lbs in my quest to return to a healthier weight and lifestyle.







tumblr_mg4b7c8h2y1qk665po1_500Today: These two are a trip. Everyday they try to push me to my limits. Today, they decided to act sweet and innocent. All they wanted to do once I got home from work was lay with me. They cause me trouble but I know they mean well.








tumblr_mg49laf0Tm1qk665po1_500One Year Ago: The position I had last year almost sent me to the hospital on several occasions. I’ve actually had had my blood pressure taken once I got off and it read 187/104. And that was on a relatively easy day. Today, I’m in a new different position and my blood pressure is in a more manageable range. Its still high. But not as high.







tumblr_mg49pqNFvM1qk665po1_500Before Pic: About to head into my other studio and make a creation that keeps people knocking down my door. I haven’t cooked lasagna in a while so this is about to go down. After pic…I’ll think about it lol



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