Day 2 of the Challenges

566Living Room Floor: Cleaning up after a sick dog is never fun. He thinks he is in trouble so he won’t come out and she’s being his shadow.





IMG_0051Blanket: Laying under my favorite blanket while getting some work done. This is the only blanket that I’ve ever owned that instantly warms me up.







8752159What I Wore Today: I have this cardigan in Black and red. I love it. Its very warm and its a completely different look for me. So what if it puts people in the mind set of Mr. Rogers…:)







IMG_0056Something New: As I write, I’m always getting new ideas for a future project. This one I’ve been sitting on for about three years. I thought it was going to play out in real life. And I wanted to see how that worked out. It didn’t actually play out but I can always write about how I thought it would or should play out.






Self-Portrait: That’s that workflow. Chillin’ at work on my lunch break. You can see the days stress and exhaustion in my eye. It also look like I’m dreaming of the days when I will work for myself.








My Breakfast: My favorite breakfast is a sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich. Why go to McDonald’s when I can make it at home while getting dressed. It’s not the most health choice I’ve made. But I love it.





Flavorcrest_peachesNew Fruit: I’m not big on fruit. But if I’m gonna reach my fitness goals then I have to step out of my comfort zone. I haven’t had a peach in about two years. So, it’s new fruit to me.



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