It’s been entirely too long since my last post. I’ve had a lot going on personally and professionally in the time that I’ve been a way. But I want all of you to know that I have not forgotten about you.

I have two projects that I want to get out to you soon. Hopefully by spring the first one will be ready to go to print and I can have the second one to print by next fall. In the meantime, I want you guys to take a look at the first chapter of the long awaited sequel to Long Distance Relations, Recovering From A Broken Heart.

To set the stage for those of you who haven’t read the book, Dwayne Garrett and Caroline Jacobs were sort of high school sweethearts that enjoyed a two year long distance relationship after high school that ended terribly. They were forced to relive the ups and downs, the good times and the bad when they were asked by Dwayne’s friend to give an interview about the relationship.

Recovering From A Broken Heart opens with the introduction of some new characters and follow Dwayne’s recovery process. Caroline comes back for a few appearances but this is more about Dwayne. Enjoy the first two chapters and please give me feedback, both positive and negative, in the comments below.

Chapter 1

Love is more than a four letter word or an emotion. Love, when it really real, comes from your soul and is exemplified in your every move. You can’t fake real love. But for some people tend to believe that love is something that you can fake until you make it. Sometimes it takes you to lose the person you love the most before you realize just how much you loved them. That’s the situation I found myself in with the recent demise of a relationship that was dear to me.
It’s been a week since my boyfriend Kevin walked out on me. Sitting at the kitchen table while my best friend cook us breakfast, I keep playing the events of the past week over in my head.

“Thank God it’s the weekend,” I exhaled as I jumped in my car to leave my office for the day. I had been going strong for the last three weeks on this major project at work for a potential new location. And I need a break – preferable one that included a nice long hot bath, a glass of wine, and a massage afterwards. But at this point, I’ll take what I can get.
Kevin and I hadn’t spent much time together lately. I can tell that it’s beginning to weigh on him as much as it was on me. He hadn’t said anything but I could see it in the way he had been acting – not to mention the look in his eyes. And after the fight that we had a few nights before, things were real sour between us that morning as we prepared for work. So, I was actually looking forward to going home to be with him to hopefully make a mends of things that night.
Kevin and I had been dating for the last four years. We meet one Saturday afternoon in the park at mutual friend’s cookout. We hit it off right away and had been going strong ever since – or so I thought. Now that wasn’t without our fair share of relationship issues, mostly minor stuff.
Speaking of which, the night before my world blow up in my face we had a blow out about some of that minor stuff. At least that’s the way he saw. However, to me it was a little more than minor. But it was nothing major either. And I’m sure that things shouldn’t have gone the way that they did.
God knows that I love Kevin and I really want this relationship to last until death do us part. I really didn’t mean for things to go down the way that they did. I needed answers and Kevin wasn’t forth coming. And I refuse to be deceived into thinking everything is peaches and cream when they’re not. At this point things had gotten increasingly worse between us and I really didn’t understand why. I took full responsibility for my part in our problems and I hope that he knew and understood that. Like anybody who has been hurt in the past, I felt the continuously need to guard my heart from being hurt again. The fight that night was all my fault and I couldn’t wait to get home to apologize to Kevin and do what I could to make it up to him.
Driving home that day, I had this eerie feeling within me. I had a difficult day on the job. A few of my employees were having performance issues. And as the director of my department it’s my job to deal with them accordingly. However, this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach had been troubling me since lunch time and the closer I got to my neighborhood, the worse I felt. Pulling into the driveway, I didn’t know what to expect especially since Kevin’s car was parked on the street, which is something that I’d never known him to do.
Walking to the front door, things weren’t any clearer for me. Kevin’s car had boxes on the backseat. The front door was cracked and the living room was a mess. And there were sounds of movement coming from the back of the house. Curiosity got the best of me and I ventured further in finding more mess along the way. As I approached the master bedroom, I could hear Kevin’s voice. I couldn’t tell if someone else was in the room with him, if he was talking to himself or if he was on the phone. But it was the things that he was saying that wasn’t making me feel any better about this mess that I came home too.
I eased my way to the door and gently pushed it open to find that he was in fact alone and he didn’t appear to be on the phone. The bedroom was a bigger mess then the rest of the house. I stood there for a moment to collect myself. He never stopped what he was doing to acknowledge me. I know that he knew I was standing there considering the grunt he gave as I stepped through the doorway.
I observed his behavior for a few more moments before speaking. I needed to know the size of the storm that I had just walked into. I didn’t want to venture into the eye of the hurricane without fair warning of the disaster that it would bring me.
“Kevin, what are you doing,” I asked, as I stood by the dresser sort of clueless as to what it was that he was doing. While waiting for him to speak my heart began to accelerate. Nervousness was sitting in and I really wasn’t sire why.
“What does it look like,” he snapped still without looking at me. Silence rested between us as he took a step back and placed his hands on the back of his head. He had something to say. He wanted to snap. It was in his eyes. The words were on the tip of his tongue and itching to come across his lips. I could tell that it was taking everything within him to hold back the words that he so badly wanted to say.
“Nothing good can come from this,” that nagging voice said in the back of my head. I shook it off ready to face this giant head on. I surveyed the room trying to get an understanding of why he was being so cold and distant. But I couldn’t find a clue.
“I’m packing,” he finally replied as he resumed his activities as if the obvious needed to be stated.
“I see that, but why,” I demanded more then asked wanting answers to the chaos that had snuck upon us. His actions were confusing to me and he appeared to not be in the mood to help me understand why his behavior was so erratic. But little did he know or understand that I wasn’t in the mood at the moment to be toyed with.
“What happened since I left for work this morning that has brought on this sudden desire to pack your stuff? What’s wrong, Kevin?”
My own thoughts were still swimming around in my head making it that much more difficult to understand things. And that nagging voice was doing everything she could to be heard. “Simone, he’s leaving you.”
“Not today,” I replied within!
“What do you think is wrong? You seem to have all the answers to every problem in this house. So you tell me, why do you think I’m doing this,” he snapped as he dropped his dresser drawer on the bed. “How much longer did you think I was going to continue to go through this drama with you? You wanna be the man and the woman of the house. Maybe you’ll be better off without me.”
For minute there I didn’t know what to say. It was then that I realized that our problems were bigger than I thought. Kevin never let on that our problems were getting to him like this. I always thought that communication was one of our strong suits. But apparently, I was wrong about that too.
“So, what now,” I ask as I felt my anger begin to take over. Heart racing, breathing unsteady, I didn’t know what to do next. IT was my turn to be a little unreasonable. “You just gon’ walk away like a coward instead of staying here and facing the challenges of this relationship. You just gonna give up on everything that we’ve built over the last four years,” I said before I knew it pushing him in his chest. “Kevin, we should talk about this. You not gonna give us a chance to work through this when you know we can? You just gonna take the easy road and pack your bags and go?
“You think I’m gon’ keep arguing and fightin’ with you about nothing. Every night it’s the same thing and I’m sick of it,” he declared ignoring my last statement altogether.
“If you would do what you know to do so that I’m not up worried about you half the night, we wouldn’t have to argue and fight all the time,” I snapped back. I needed him to take some responsibility for his actions as of late.
Hanging out later then usual with out calling.
Strange women calling our house.
The claim of picking up overtime without notice but can’t be found when I call myself being nice and bringing him dinner.
I know the signs of a relationship going wrong when I see them and I wasn’t gonna stand by and not confront the issue before they got out of hand. It was all just becoming too much for me. I wanted him too know that something needed to change for the sanity of our relationship. But I guess he didn’t see things the way that I did.
“Kevin, you don’t have to do this,” I said pleading not only with my words, but also with my eyes as I gently turned him towards me to force him to look at me. I thought my pleas were hitting home when he quickly turned away. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing as he quickly brushed his hands over his face. I walked up behind him gentle wrapped my hands around his shoulders pulling him towards me. But this time, my efforts went unnoticed.
“I’m a grown man who bears the majority of the financial responsibility of this house,” he said as he pulled away from returning to his task of remove things from his closet, “and I can’t even hang out with my boys for a few hours without being accused of cheating on you.”
I could tell that he was really hurting from the events of the last few weeks. The emotion I thought I saw in his face before was clearly evident now. Kevin was crying as he calmed his voice. Crying is something that he never does. He is the type of man that never showed any sign of weakness. Yet he was loving, caring, compassionate, understanding and normally forgiving.
Kevin Darnell Nash was the kind of man that any girl would want, the kind of man that I wanted, the one that I have.
“Kevin, what was I suppose to do when I found those numbers in your pockets,” I asked with my emotions in my own voice. Choking on almost every other word as tears threaten to spill over my eyelids as well.
“You could’ve talked to me about it before jumping to conclusions,” he yelled while jumping in my face. His actions didn’t scare me but they did catch me off guard. He was right! I should’ve done the mature thing and just talked to him about my findings before letting my suspicions get the best of me.
“You told me last night that it was nothing to worry about and I believe you,” I replied as tears began to stream down my face. “Baby, I love you,” I pleaded again as I wrapped my arms around his waist and chest. I was going for broke this time with hopes that he would at least be willing to hear me out. “Baby, we can work this out.”
“I’m through trying to work this out,” he replied pulling away from me. With that, he zipped up his two bags and moved towards the bedroom door. “Simone,” he called out as he choked back the remainder of his emotions. “I love you. But I can’t keep putting myself through this drama. This is probably hurting me more then you. But I think it’s better for us to end this now before things get worse later on down the line,” he declared with finality and walked out the door.
“Baby, wait,” I said coming back to my senses and running after him. “Kevin! Kevin, wait! Baby, I’m sorry,” I continued to yell running down the hall behind him. Unfortunately, it was too late. He proceeded to his car in silence not recognizing that I had even said anything to him.
“Kevin…Kevin,” I yelled from the doorway wanting so bad to run out to him and plead with him one more time. My yelling was already drawing the attention of our neighbors. He didn’t deserve the attention that a scene would cause and I refuse to live through the embarrassment. It would be hard enough to deal once the gossip hens caught wind of the situation as it is. Why bring extra attention if it wasn’t necessary.
As he got in and pulled away from the curb, I slammed the door and fell against it. As I slid to the floor, my tears continued to flow uncontrollably. I continued to cry realizing that my life as I knew it was over. The life I’d built with the man I loved was over. The dream of marrying this man and building a family was just shattered.
All my life I’d worked hard to get where I am. I’d just graduated with my second MBA. Just got settled into my new role as Director of Branding and Product Development for Milwaukee’s number one African American owned company. And all of this before I turned twenty-eight. I thought it was all to help build a better future for Kevin and I. But he just showed me that it was all in vain.

After Kevin walked out on me, I was so sick with grief that I didn’t go to work for the rest of the week. I didn’t answer the phone when my family and friends called. They came by the house and rang my doorbell for hours. It didn’t bother me. I continued to soak as if they weren’t there. I knew I would pay for it later. But at the moment I didn’t care. Dealing with my parents was going to be the hardest part of the recovery. But they’ll be okay.
I knew that my girlfriends would be worried about me, but that didn’t move me out of the sour mood that I was in either. My best friend LaTrice had left about five messages threatening to break down my door if I didn’t return her phone calls.
“Sim, I know you in there,” she yelled into my answering machine again for the fourth night in a row. “Your car is in the drive way and you’re not at work. So, open the door. You don’t want to face the consequences of ignoring me.”
I guess today was the day that she finally decided to follow through with her threats.
As I was lying comfortably in my California king size bed watching Bernadette from Waiting to Exhale rip her husbands clothes and things out of her beautiful mahogany walk-in closet, I heard some noise outside my window. At first I paid it no mind seeing as how school had just let out for the summer. I figured it was just some of the neighborhood kids that were out late like they had been. Just as my girl lit her cigarette and threw the burning match inside of the kerosene soaked car setting all of John’s possessions a blaze, my bedroom door flung open. The sad thing is that it could’ve been a stranger standing there ready to rob, rape and kill me and I didn’t budge. It took me a minute to recognize the figure standing there. The only light in the room was coming from the television.
“What do you think you doing,” Trice said as she stood in the doorway with her hands on her hips giving me that fierce sister-girl attitude that she was known for.
“Trice, what are you doing here,” I asked not moving from my current position.
“What do you mean ‘what am I doing here’? You haven’t answered any of my calls or text messages. And I know you been in here listen to my voice messages,” she replied with her hands and hair flying everywhere. “I was worried about you. What is going on with you?”
At this point, I began to imagine just how hurt Bernadette felt when her husband announced that he was leaving her for his secretary. I put that pain with the pain I felt when Kevin walked out on me and began to cry all over again.
“Simone, sweetie, what’s up with the water works,” Trice asked in a sincere and caring tone as she took a seat next to me and pulled me into her chest.
“He left me,” I cried out as I hung my head in shame as if this was something to be embarrassed about.
“Oh, honey,” my friend cried out to console me. “It’s okay! I’m still here and I’m still your friend.” Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect from her knowing her relationship to Kevin. LaTrice and Kevin were first cousins. I found that out shortly after he and I started dating. The two bumped into each other as he was headed towards my house for a date while she was leaving. Although she was my friend before he and I began to date, I guess I thought the blood is thicker than water would apply here. The two of them are pretty close. So, it would’ve been almost fitting for it to apply.
We sat there for hours with my break up songs playlist playing in the background.
I cried more, she hugged me and rocked me back and forth.
I recounted the details of that night I so wished had never come about.
She rocked me some more.
Before I knew it we’d both fallen asleep and the sun was peek through the blinds. Trice made breakfast while I showered. Now we are sitting at the kitchen island and getting ready to dig in good, she has the look in her eye like she has something to say but not sure if she should. But I know my girl, and the hesitation won’t be there long before she lets me know just where I went wrong with Kevin. She was truly my girl and had my back throughout the relationship.
“I think it was a guilty conscience,” she stated.
I looked at her with a perplexed look on my face confused with where she was going with this.
“Simone, don’t look at me like that. You know what I’m talking about?”
“I don’t think this has anything to do with me not accepting Kevin’s proposal,” I said unsure if this was where she was headed.
“Kevin’s proposal is a discussion for another day. But you know what I’m talking about.”
“Well it was worth a try,” I thought to myself.

Chapter 2

“I have to work this weekend.”
“What do you mean you have to work?”
“I have to do overtime this weekend.”
“Why did you pick up overtime if you knew I was coming?”
“I don’t know!”
“Are you saying that you forgot I was coming?”
“It’s okay. So, you have to work. No big deal! It’s not like you haven’t had to work before while I was there. So, I’ll just hang our around your place until you get off.”

“What do you mean ‘whatever’?”
“I don’t want you to come. That’s what I mean!”
“What? Where is this coming from? When did you make this decision?”
“I don’t know!”
“You wait until two days before I’m to hit the road to tell me that you don’t want to see me. So, you were gon’ have me come all the way there expecting to have a decent weekend with you to tell me that you didn’t want to see me?”
“I’ll call you back. I have to go!”
“Caroline, we need to talk about this,

I thought about those words all night and every night since that last phone call. It’s been six weeks since I last spoke with Caroline. And I must admit, this whole situation is killing me. I can’t eat or sleep. And when I do eat, it’s not much. When I do sleep I crash hard.
“Caroline, this is Dwayne! Give me a call when you get this message. I really need to talk to you,” I said leaving one of my many daily messages on her voice mail. I know that she’ll delete this one just like the thousands before it. But that didn’t matter to me. I needed answers and I was determined to get them. Without them, I was in warfare with myself.
“What did I do wrong?”
“Why is this happening to me?”
“Where did all of this come from?”
“Why didn’t I see this coming?”
The questions refuse to stop flooding my thoughts and I was wrecking my brain to find answers to them. And not receiving a response from Caroline was only making matters worse.
As if the noise in my head wasn’t enough, the doorbell ringing in the other room was only making my morning headache worst. I’d run out of Advil, Excedrin, Motrin, and Tylenol.
“I wish they would just go away,” I said out loud as I swung my feet over the side of my bed. As the cold hardwood floor sent chills through my body, the doorbell stopped. But since I was half way out of the bed, I figured I’d go ahead and relieve myself of the monkey that was doing Sumer sults on my bladder.
“Dang, not again,” I yelled out as the annoying ringing of my office phone followed by the doorbell echoing through the hallway as I reached the bathroom. I continued to do what I was doing as the noise continued.
“Dwayne, this is Jason,” my best friend of fifteen years declared on my answering machine. “I know you hurting, but if you don’t answer the phone or let me in to check on you, you will have bigger problems to worry with. I’m at the front door now. So, get up and let me in.”
He had been calling and coming by everyday since the break up. I never let him in or anyone else for that matter. And I only answered a few of my mother’s calls just to keep her from worrying so much. No parent wants to see their child hurting but my mother transform into this beast that no one wants to see when it comes to her children. There was no need to resurrect that monster. She is a lioness and will do anything to protect her cubs.
I’m no fool. I’m sure my mother is not buying my story of being okay. We’re talking about a woman who can pick me out of a crowd with just a view of my finger tips. So, I would say that right now, she’s just giving me my space. Or better yet, she probably sent Jason over here.
I appreciate the fact that Jason and my family had been giving me my space to deal with my emotions. But they don’t understand all that I’ve been through with this girl to have her just pull the carpet from under me like that. It’s devastating, embarrassing, heart breaking….it’s just pathetic to have to feel like this. Yeah, I’m throwing myself a pity party. But I’ll get over it when I’m ready.
I was sure that Jason was bluffing me. So, once I finished in the bathroom, I went and crawled back into bed after turning the ringers off on both my home phone as well as the one in the office and put my cell phone on silent. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I began to drift back into my dreams of how my life use to be with this feeling of uneasiness inside of me. As I lay there refusing to be moved by whatever was causing the nervousness in me half way between dreamland and consciousness, I could have sworn that I heard someone walking through my kitchen heading for my spiral staircase in the great room.
“Jason wouldn’t do that to me,” I thought to myself as I ignored the sound of footsteps approaching the top of the stairs. No sooner then I brushed everything off and rolled into my sleep position all of my covers were snatched off exposing me in all my glory.
“Dude, you thought I was playing with you,” he yelled as I rolled over and gave him the look of death. “Save that look for someone who don’t care about your musty self. Got up! You are not about to spend another six weeks crying over this girl that has probably moved on with her life by now while you’re being stuck on stupid.”
“Jason, I love you. But I would advise you to leave me alone right now,” I said planting my head under my pillows. I gave him a little present as I did so.
“You nasty bastard,” he yelled as he fanned the smell of my fart away. “I’ve let you deal with this your way for the last month and a half. I wouldn’t be a good friend if I continued to let you deal,” he said sort of mockingly. “Go get in the shower. You are getting out of this house today!”
“Jason, I don’t know what you are on but you need to get off of it,” I said as I laid back down. “I said I’m not going outside and you not gone make me. I just wanna lay here until I’m ready to do otherwise.”
Before I could figure out what was going on Jason had tipped up on me and had me in one of his wrestling restraints and I had no clue how to get out of it.
“Jason, I’m only gone tell you this once,” I said trying to breathe. “Let me go and I mean now!”
“Are you gonna go get in the shower like I asked?”
“Like I said, I’m going….ouch! What are you doing?”
“Tell me you going to the shower and I’ll let you go.”
“Dude let me go,” I demanded doing my best to jab him with my elbow. “Oooouuuucccchhhh,” I screamed louder as he applied more pressure to the hold he had me in.
“If I let you go, will you go get in the shower,” he asked not letting up.
“Okay, I’ll get in the shower,” I said just to get him to leave me alone. I’ll get in the shower, but that don’t mean I’m leaving the house.
For a second you would’ve thought that he was the older one. I thought about fighting with him on this as I made my way to the shower, but I knew that he wasn’t gonna give up. I figured it would be easier to just let him have his way now then I can crowl big into my shell later.
By 11:30 that morning Jason and I were seated in a booth in the back of Nellie’s at Mayfair Mall. He was cracking jokes trying to cheer me up while I hid behind my dark shades to keep from trying to kill him with my looks. Out of all the places he could have taken me to eat at, he brings me to the same restaurant that Carolina and I ate at the last time she was here. And that was making this whole ordeal that much more painful.
“Jason, why you bring me here,” I asked slamming my hand on the table.
“Dwayne, you know that you have twenty-seven voice messages,” he asked ignoring my question altogether.
“So what! They not from the person I want to talk to,” I growled as I finally decided to remove my shades exposing my blood shot eyes for the world to see my pain and agony. “You dodging my question.”
“I heard your question. Give me password.”
“82404,” I said without really thinking about it. I knew that he was trying to help me out. While waiting for the server to come back with our drink orders, I sat there and listened to my messages as he forced me too by putting my blackberry on speaker. Like I said, not a single one of them were from Caroline.
We ordered our food. I forced myself to order something that I’d never tried before just so that the taste of the food at least wouldn’t remind me of being here with Caroline only three months ago.

“DEE, DON’T YOU FEEL better now that you’ve gotten some fresh air,” Jason asked as we made our way back to his car. But I couldn’t hear anything he was saying. I was too busy following the silver Lexus SC convertible with chrome wheels with my eyes. But it wasn’t the car that caught my attention. The driver was this gorgeous honey colored sister with beautiful shoulder length hair that was flowing in the wind. I couldn’t remember the last time I saw something as beautiful as her. If anything, that sight alone was making me feel better more than Jason’s corny jokes.
Jason was too busy being my personal assistant for the day going through my emails on my blackberry to see the sight that had me transfixed until she was out view. It was for the best. Had he seen what I saw, I know that his next move would’ve been to push me off my pirate’s plank and try to convince me to get back out there and start dating again. I wasn’t ready for that and I knew it. There is not a woman in the world that deservices to be my rebound chick with all the hurt that I still have inside of me. I would ruin that poor soul for the next man. There was no way that I could do that.
I thought I’d put on a decent enough front for Jason while we ate to make him happy so that I could get back to being depressed. But apparently, I was wrong. Once we got rolling I noticed that we were headed in a completely different direction from my house.
“Umm, excuse me sir! My house is in the opposite direction,” I said pointing Jason in the right direction.
“That’s nice! But what does that have to do with were we going now,” he replied unaffected by my mood.
“Jason, just take me back home. I don’t feel like being bothered right now, man!”
“Do I look like I care how you feel? I told you that I was getting you out of the house and that’s what I meant,”
Not in the mood for much of anything, I just sat back and let him drive. Before I knew it we were on I-94 West headed towards Waukesha. Knowing him, we were probably headed for Johnson Creek. Being the pretty boy that he is, he was more than likely on a mission to pick up a new fit for some function he had planned for the weekend. Being that it was late spring, it was no telling what Jason had on his agenda.
I settled into my seat and pulled my hat down to block the sun and began to drift off. About twenty minutes later I felt him pull off the interstate and stop at a red light. When I finally decided to peek out to see where we were, Jason was pulling into a parking lot. Before I could see where he was stopping, my door flung open and six of our buddies from high school and college were standing there in full paint ball gear.
“I know this dude didn’t,” I thought to myself as they ushered me out of the car. “Are ya’ll serious?”
“Hell yeah,” they all cried out in unison.
I must admit, they were pulling out all stops to cheer me up. As much as I wanted to fight them on it. This was actually working. Paintball was one of my favorite past times. So, as much as I didn’t want to, I pulled myself together and enjoyed the game. I was physically sore when I made it back home. But, I really was glad I let Jason pull me out the house.
That night, I settle into my Jacuzzi tub with a glass of wine and my jazz playlist going in the backdrop. I let the jets easy away the physical pain of the day’s events, while the wine and the jazz send me into a state of relaxation. At that moment, I felt as if I didn’t have a care in the world. The bubbling water made me feel as if the weight of the world had been lefted from my shoulder. I couldn’t tell you the last time I’d felt this free and it felt so good. And with my son, DJ hanging out with his mom for the last few weeks, I really didn’t have a care in the world at that moment.
I had become so relaxed that I didn’t realize that I’d fallen asleep until the timer went off stopping the jets in the tub. I knew then what I had to do. It was time for me to take my life back. It was time for me to recover from this broken heart!
The finality of that decision told me exactly what my next step was to be. I went to bed that night with a plan in mind and excited to put it in action as soon as possible.
The next morning I woke up with the determination and attitude that the world knew as Dwayne Garret. As if nothing had happened, my feet hit the floor headed towards the coffee pot followed by my home office.
I had clients that had been put on hold while I dealt with my issues. Now it’s time to help these people, these families find their dream home.
Once my computer booted up, I took note of the agent open houses that were going on in the area. After that I went to my closet and pulled out my favorite power suit – chocolate brown with hair thin pin strips, my copper Stacy Adams French cuff shirt with the Coca Cola metallic tie and my black square toe shoes. My barber was already in route to what he likes to call my mini-mansion.
While I waited for this much-needed haircut, I fixed myself a grand slam of a breakfast – sausage, bacon, eggs, toast, cheese grits and orange juice topped off with my favorite Sunday morning radio show on Jammin 98.3
Yeah, it was Sunday morning and I was dressing as if I was headed to the theater to see the newest Tyler Perry play. Not at all! New Hope Church of God In Christ, where the good Reverend Daniel Underwood, Senior is pastor, needed to be paid a visit and this was the day to do so. I was sure that the church hens have spreaded the news by now of my new relationship status.
I pulled into the parking lot with all the other late comers. It was 10:15am when I arrived. By normal church standards, the Praise and Worship team had just taken the stage. Head usher, Miss Georgia Brown was in full usher mode this morning giving everyone a hard time for not moving down the row or walking during service.
As always, Rev. Underwood brought a word that brought the congregation to its feet. After service it was time for me to head to my parents house. But I should’ve known that I wasn’t gonna be able to attend service and slip out without being stopped unless I left early. But the message was too good to walk out on.
“Brother Garrett,” that distinctive voice called out at I was moving up the aisle. I slowly turned around to greet the person calling me. “Dwayne if you don’t get over here and give Ma some suga, I’m calling your mother.
“Mother Underwood,” I said as I allowed the Pastor’s mother to pull me into her chest. “I missed you!”
“Boy, who you fooling? I hope that this means that New Hope will be seeing more of you,” she asked as she let me go.
“Yes ma’am, you will.”
“Good! How’s your mother?”
“She’s good. In fact I’m headed over there now.”
“Well don’t let me keep you. Give the family my love.”
“I will,” I replied as I gave her a kiss goodbye.
I made my way to the back of the church preparing to exit when I bumped into a face I hadn’t seen in a while.
“Dwayne Garrett,” she said. “Mr. High School All-American in football, basketball and track.”
“I see you kept up with my high school athletic career.”
“As if I had a choice in the matter,” she said smugly. “You was student body president, yearbook editor, and every teachers favorite student. Not to mention that you’ve gone on to become a very successful Realtor in Metropolitan Milwaukee. So, how can I not keep up with you,” Jackie asked as she smoothed out my lapel.
“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that you’ve gone from being a fan to being a stalker.”
“You haven’t seen stalker yet. But if you get any finer, you just might.”
“And that is the final benediction,” I stated as I removed her hand from chest and continued to move towards my car.

That’s the end of the preview for now. Iff you want to read the entire book, please stay tuned for more details. Again provide your feedback below. I appreciate your support and encourage. Even my haters given me strength. So even though you may not like my story line you can still comment and help push my towards my dream.

Until next time,



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