Considering Retirerment: I’m reaching my breaking point in promoting my work.

i pour my heart and soul into my craft. I price my work lower then the next author to appeal to the buyers. I market my work with every fiber of my being. Yet, fours years later, the fruits of my labor are yet to be seen. I believe in my work. My wife (to be), my family and my best friends believe yet the support is not there. I get request all the time to write skits and plays for the local audience but I don’t have the motivation to fulfill these request because the African-American community onoy support the artist that owns the Mr. Popularity awards. There is no room for the new guy or the guy that no one ever expected to amount to anything. I thought about returning my pen this week after $0 sells on my Cyber Monday promotion. When I told my wife (to be) she nearly cried. I can’t disappoint myself or those that believe in me.  This is an appeal to those that stop to read this to consider supporting your local artist/authors/poets/etc. They/We believe in you and produce the work that you request/demand. We work crazy hours on jobs that are not our dream jobs to be able to fund events to show you how much we love you and your support. All I want is for you to believe and me and support me as I support you. Thank you for listening.


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