Hurt People: A play written by LaFreddie B

11-12-2012_Volume_50_Issue_12_-_December_2012_230_image_mainVirtual casting call is now open for the characters of my first play. Please read the description of each character and contact me with your interest in being about of this project.

David: Early to Mid-twenties guy that has decided to not follow the crowd into a life of crime and womanizing. However that quickly changes when he discovers the secrets of those he loves. David becomes the womanizer that no one ever thought he’d be lashing out at everyone around him including his grandmother who raised him with his mother abandoned him.

Hennessy: Hood Chick in her early to mid twenties. All she know is the hood and all she wants out of life is hood things. She has no passion or desire for anything better and anyone who does are considered square or lame and she keeps her dealing with them very limited. Her lack of drive for life has caused her to lose the best man that she’s ever had in David and she’s ruined his relationship with Darnell.

Darnell: Darnell has been David’s best friend since the third grade. Black Man CryingThey’ve gone through so much yet there is so much that David doesn’t know about him. When skeletons begin to fall out of closets and truths are exposed, Darnell risk loosing David’s friendship forever over something that wasn’t even worth it. Darnell seeks the help of David’s grandmother and Bishop Waters to mend broken fences of his own.

Gram: Known as Mother Wright to the church, she has done her very best to raise her grandson to be a great man of God. She couldn’t understand what happened that made her daughter leave him with her, but thanks God daily that he wasn’t left to fend for himself in the streets. Now that Jackie is back she is doing all that she can to help both of them heal from these horrific events. Just when she thinks that she is making head way, David experiences another set back. She solicits the help of her bishop to try to get him back on track.

Jackie: A woman in her late forties/early fifties. She’s just returned to her son, David’s life with hopes of mending broken fences in their relationship. She knows the kind of man that her mother raised him to be yet surprised at the David that stands before her. His rude and disrespectful behavior towards her is not what she expected to come home to and abuse he imposes on his girlfriend Marie is unbecoming of his character.

Bishop: After leading the local church for more than forty years, Bishop Jeremiah Waters has found very few young men with great promise as that of David and Darnell. During their high school years, he decided to mentor them in an age where many family was not trusting of ministers spending time alone with the youth without parental supervision. Gram gave him a chance and the fruits of those meets was the David that the world came to love. Now that something has happened that sent David astray, Bishop Waters has stepped in again to help bring him back.

 Marie: The type of girl that most mother would love to see their son bring home. She’s in her early to mid-twenties and the complete opposite of Hennessy. She has it going on in every department; looks, brains, ambition, drive to do better in life. She is the type of woman that David needs in his life. He may lose her if he doesn’t rebound from his past quick. However, she is a ride or die chick so she will hold on for her man so long as he don’t push her away.

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scared-black-man1Things You Should Know

*No compensation

*No experience required

*You must live in the Columbus, Ohio area or be willing to travel at your expense to rehearsals and production dates.

*Rehearsals to begin in May 2014

*You must be available for rehearsals 2 or 3 nights week with the potential of more time required the closer we get to production date(s)

*One show scheduled with the potential of have more encore dates.

*You must provide your own wardrobe & makeup for each scene and promotional photoshoot.

*Virtual Cast call with e  nd on January 31, 2014.

*Stay Tuned for in person Casting Calls to be held in March 2014


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