SO Baked Sweets & Treats: His Gifted Hands, LLC is making their presence known in the Milwaukee Area

SO Baked Sweets & Treats was founded in 2005 by creative master mind, LaFreddie B. The company was originally apart of a catering company, Something Original, in Milwaukee with the founders then wife. When the couple split in 2008, she took the savory catering business and LaFreddie B held on to the sweet business as these are the arms of the company each managed under the original company to begin with.

In 2009, SO Baked operations moved to Columbus, Ohio and quickly took off. So Baked was called in to cater to families, businesses, churches, and individuals across Central Ohio. As life happened, in spite of the growing business opportunities, LaFreddie B made the decision to move the company back to it’s home base in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in March 2014.

As So Baked Sweets & Treats reclaim market share in Milwaukee, we are here to meet the Sweets & Treats needs of all clients, individuals, families, business, and churches services your needs for holidays, family gatherings, special events, birthdays, weddings, etc.

About The Founder

LaFreddie B is an African-American author, photographer, poet, playwright, and minister in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He loves all things creative and loves to share his gifts and talents with the community.


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