Relationships today: loyalty and double standards.

Childhood star all grown up, Miss Keke Palmer tweeted the following today


What do you think? Is there a double standard for the fellas versus the ladies on loyalty in relationships? Here is my take on the subject.

Society has set different standards for men and women on different subjects and this is one. For years it has been socially acceptable for men to say they are loyal to one woman but have as many women on the side as they choose as long as at the end of the night they come home to the one that they love. All the while, society has told those same women that they need to stand by that man whether he comes home to you are lay up in another woman’s bed all night. She can know thay he is cheating and can have several suitors after her but she better not take one of them up on their offer or by society standards, she’s a whore.

I was once told a thief don’t want to be stolen from. While as men, we have to take responsibility for our own action first before we can hold someone else account able for theirs. Get your hand out of someone else cookie jar and take care of the cookie in your own jar. (Pun intended)

Society may say that its okay for a men to do one thing but out of the question a woman to do the same thing. However, if we want the respect that we think we deserve from our women its up to us to change the standard that society has set forth. Think about how you felt when you found out your girl was messing around on you. What was going through your mind when that news dropped? Now don’t you think she feels the same why every time she hears about your infidelity? I’m just saying.

Check out of of the reactions KeKe retweeted below.









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