Reviews of my books: ‘Long Distance Relations’ and ‘From Within’

Reviews for Long Distance Relations


The characters came to life, I found me self relating to the book and coming to the defense of some of the characters….-Danielle H. , Milwaukee, W

I’m so proud of the writer LaFreddie B has become. For a first print, Long Distance Relations gave me more then I expected. The storyline felt very real and I couldn’t believe how relatable it was. I look forward to more. -Book Hound, Milwaukee, WI

Reading the description, I felt like LaFreddie B had somehow gotten a glimpse of my personal life. As Long Distance Relations was so close to my personal story that I found it hard to put down. I had to read the next chapter just to compare this story to my story…. Spoken, Jackson, MS

I loved that LaFreddie B shared this story with the world. Having been estranged from my wife, I know the struggles of a long distance relationship. Long Distance Relations was a great depiction of young love. I wish the best for this young writer. His stories have been a great help to me and I share them with my friends…Cell Block C, Grady, AR

Reviews for From Within

From Within was nothing like I expected. I thought it was going to be the rhythmic poetry that you were forced to write in high school English Lit class. But this was like the stuff that Def Poetry Jam would bring. It was fun. It was heartfelt. It was relative to me and my situation….anonymous, Columbus, OH

The introduction is what got me. The stories he shared and the pain he felt and the emotional pleas he made is what made me want to read more. Disclaimer was the poem that sad all that so many of us want to say when we walk in a room. I’m glad LaFreddie B felt comfortable enough to say it for us….Anthony, Chicago, IL

From Within was a wake up call for me. ‘Yo Fatha’ and ‘Fear Produces Laziness’ required me to take a good look at myself and decide to change my situation so that I can be a better father to my children and an overall better person for myself…Cell Block C, Grady, AR


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