November Rule…movie review

Alright! I’ve been gone from my blog for far too long. Tonight I’m making a return with something I haven’t done In a while, a movie review.

Its one of those hot and sticky nights in Milwaukee. At last look the temperature was around 91 degrees. My family didn’t t want to turn on the ac so I came home early. Not really in the mood for channel surfing I turn on the Wii to watch some netflix.

  As you know, Netflix got it bad recommending something real random. Tonight they put up this joint called November Rule. Wasn’t too sure about it looking at the title but the image was ineresting so I pressed play.

This movie had some big names for it to have never hit theaters. Tatianna Ali, Lala Anthony, Barry Bostwick, Victoria Rowe, Faizon Love, Joyful Drake, Jay Ellis, Macy Gray, and Tyga. It’s a few laughs and a lot of drama. We’ve all heard of couples breaking up to avoid the gift exchange around valentines. November Rule follows the same logic.
All in all it was a great movie. I wasn’t disappointed. In fact I think I would’ve paid to see this is theaters.


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