Movie Review: Straight Outta Compton

Growing up in my mothers house gangsta rap…the whole East coast/West coast thing was not allowed. “My kids will not turn out to be drug pushers, killers, and jailbirds,” is what she use to say.

However, there were a few exceptions to the rule. She was a huge Too Short fan. And so we could listen to that or Tupac’s Brenda’s Got A Baby, Keep Your Head Up, or Dear Mama. Anything else was off limits. But growing up in the Ghetto there is no way my sisters and I couldn’t hear the music that my mom wanted to keep us away from. And eventually she realized that all she could do as a parent was instill the proper principles and values in us and allow us to shape our own outcome. With that said, I saw Straight Outta Compton this week.


My friend said that you had to have grown up in that era in order to really understand it all. The business behind the group N.W.A. Is something that I’ve learned was not uncommon especially with black groups and artist in the 1980s and 1990s.

We see these artist and all the hits the release and wonder why years later they broke. It all boils down to poor management.

That aside it was still a great movie. I’m very disappointed in the media outlets and law enforcement for assuming that movie goers would turn to rioting and violence just because of a piece of art. Get real!

Anyway, seeing OMG play his dad was very interesting. The movie brought back memories of how it felt to grow up in the ghetto. But all in all it was an awesome movie and I recommend anyone who hasn’t saw it go see it soon. It’s been number one in the box office its first tree weeks out. Help make it a fourth week and support black art/business.


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