Learning the hard way to follow His will.

Laying in bed just now and a lot is going through me mind. For the third time now in the last 12 years God has told me to do something. The first time I got out of it by getting married. The second time I found a lot of flaws in how things were playing and used that as an excuse to not do it. This time I haven’t even begun the process and I realized something. I’m scared! Its not the stepping out on faith that scares me. It’s the responsibility that comes with taking in this challenge. I don’t want to do this a lone.
But as I write this I’m understanding that sometimes God has to send us through a moment in the wilderness…a time where we are set apart from all those that we know and love; all those that we think has our back…before He can take us to our promise land. As long as we keep standing on the side lines hoping and praying that the coach don’t put us into “that game”…the players on that team are bigger and stronger; the odds are not in your teams favor to win; you a shrimp compared to those whales…God can’t execute the plans He has for you.

You want God to use you in might ways, then you have to willing to go down the path on which He has ordered your steps. It’s not an easy one to travel. There will be potholes and and turns that you can’t see. Construction crows will be in the way but keep going. A detour may pop up but keep going. You may make a wrong turn on your journey and hit a dead end but keep going. Don’t stop. Don’t falter…just keep going. In the end your will reach your land flowing with milk and honey.


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