First Dates are deceiving…people are not always them true selves

    So recently I had a first date…one of many in my adult life. It was cool. We road the bus together to the restaurant then went to a movie followed by a nice kiss to end the date. Her conversations on the phone before and after was very attractive. She said all the things I needed to hear after such a horrible break up last year.

Then we moved forward to the second date. Another great time but it was ruined but a bunch of questions about infidelity and potential reactions to finding each other in compromising situations. I get why the questions were aske, I do. My response was more of the peaceful type…lets get rid of the third party and talk this out between us because apparently we have the problem and we need to uncover the root cause of the problem and figure out if we can move forward and how. She on the other hand take it straight to the streets. She beating the other girl ass and throwing her out then coming for me and then putting me out. 

Whoa! Wait a minute. What happened to the sweet innocent individual that believed in tranquility and happiness? Where is the lady that wanted to sooth away all the hurts and pains of my previous relationships and show me that not all women are not like my ex’s? Right now I’m not seeing her. You throwing up red flags for me now.

I choose not to say anything and just let things play out. But then the arrogance and conceit comes out. Every time we talk she talks about how many new friend request she has on Facebook and how good the fellas look, how many of them hit her inbox with compliments or their number. But you talking to me? Red flag number two.

The icing on the cake is the little sly remarks that being made and her reaction to me addressing them. Anybody that knows my relationship history knows that I’m not one to cash a female out. I have financial goals and plans that I personally want to achieve and I have things I would like to do for “us” that I can’t do if I’m constantly cashing you out. I’m not rich by a long shot. I don’t pretended to be. However I manage my money well and have learned how scandalous a female (or anyone) can be if you give her too much access to your finances. So I will take care of home (rent/mortgage, lights, gas, cable, groceries, etc.) no problem. Anything that you had prior to us moving in together or even becoming a couple…not my problem! That includes your credit cards, old debts, car note, car insurance, medical bills, braces, payday loans, personal loans, whatever…that’s on you. If I’m taking care of the house please all my junk why I’m I still expected to cash you out? 

Anyway…yesterday in conversation she said that I would be expected to pay her credit card bills when we moved in together. And my exact response was, “the hell I will. I don’t pay nobodies personal bills. I’ve lost a relationship over that in the past and I will loose another one if need be.”

Her: You always so quick to give up on a relationship. You must like being a lone.

Me: it ain’t got nothing to do with liking to be alone. It’s only so much bullshit I will take and then I’m out. But I’m not the one putting that kind of demand out their when the issue of finances has been discussed and my stance on that issue will not change…ever.

Her: but you didn’t have to say that you ready to loose a relationship over it.

Me: but it’s the truth

Her: you got one more time to say some shit like that…

Me: and what? What’s gonna happen?

I don’t do threats! I don’t do ultimatums!

Her: I’m just saying that wasn’t even called for.

Me: Apparently it was because I’ve told you that why my excand I are no longer together because we didn’t see eye to eye on finances and she refused to compromise and now you coming at me the same way so I reminded you of my stance.

Her: but to say that you’d lose a relationship over it is too much.

Me: that’s your opinion. Maybe you need to take some to think about it I’m really what you want since you don’t like my stance and you throwing out ultimatums. Good night.

I am who I am and I don’t hold back on that for anyone. Either you hate or you love me and I’m just looking for that one female that can be honest about who she is and not sugar coat the rest.

Even still, the dates were awesome and I now have a free ticket to paint night if any of you ladies are single and free on March 8th….lbvs 


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